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China Ansa’s daughter turned 1 year old and celebrated it with a luxurious themed party

On June 17, India Mendoza, the first and only daughter of the China Ansa and Diego Mendoza, celebrated his first year of life and the Telefe host celebrated it in style. On her Instagram account, where more than 828 users follow her, the communicator showed part of what the celebration was and the theme she chose for the party. In addition, she also dedicated a tender message to the little girl.

China and Diego with India, when he was months old.

On her daughter’s birthday, the presenter of “Perfect Escape” published a series of photos of the girl on her networks, where she showed how big she was: “06/17/23. 1 year Happy birthday and life, beloved Indu! Seeing you smile is the best thing that happened to us in our lives. How nice it is to know that we learn to be parents with you. You teach us every day to be better people. Your little hands restart us, your kisses complete us and your smile gives us strength to move forward. Life of three is much more fun. And you are our greatest achievement and dream come true. “I wouldn’t change us for anything, because there is no place where we are more comfortable than sleeping all on top of each other,” she wrote. China Ansa along with images of her, her husband and India.

The family that formed China Ansa.
India celebrated its first birthday.

This weekend, the long-awaited celebration arrived and again the journalist published snapshots of what was part of the celebration. The China Ansa He opted for nature as a theme: pastel colors dominated by pink, salmon, orange and yellow, among others. In addition, flowers, mushrooms, insects and various animals adorned the environment. The driver expressed: “The secret is not to run after the butterflies, it is to take care of the garden so that they come to you. The big day has arrived and our little daughter is now 1 year old. Every detail was thought out and designed with a lot of love. “India is a fan of nature and that is why this dream theme.”

Story shared by the journalist.
The incredible party of China Ansa’s daughter.
India with her mom and dad.
The little girl’s happiness on her birthday.

The love story of Josefina “China” Ansa and Diego Mendoza

The China Ansa and former soccer player Diego Mendoza met a little over four years ago and managed to start a beautiful family with India, the couple’s first daughter. The love story was born in the middle of the pandemic and the person who introduced them was Fernando Carlos, the journalist’s colleague on the Telefe newscast. In an interview with Gente magazine, the host recalled what the moment was like: “I was alone, then Fernando Carlos told me ‘Look, that boy is asking about you’, and of course, I saw his Instagram and I said ‘Wonderful baby’ and with innocence I tell him ‘Well, come on. Tell him to get together, have some mates…”

The couple got engaged last year.

And he continued: “It was then that Fernando answered me ‘There is a small detail, he lives in Spain, he is playing for Ibiza’. I could not believe it. But Fer Carlos insisted to me that he came there in the summer or took vacations, and that he had his family in Mar del Plata. Although I said in my mind ‘Problems of the future’… he continued reacting to my posts until at one point he started following me on Instagram, he spoke to me and that’s when we started chatting.” The first six months they communicated through video calls. After seeing each other in person, they did not separate anymore.

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