Iliana Calabro broke the silence and told everything about Marina and Barbano: “It happened”

Iliana Calabro broke the silence and told everything about Marina and Barbano: “It happened”
Iliana Calabro broke the silence and told everything about Marina and Barbano: “It happened”

Iliana and Marina Calabró are two sisters who have grown up in the public eye, given the fame of their father Juan Carlos Calabró. In this way, her eldest referred to a recent media scandal that involved her sister in relation to her statements about Rolando Barbano speech itself in the Martín Fierro from Radio.

Marina remained in the spotlight of Argentine entertainment due to the lack of reciprocity that Barbano -who was her partner- had in relation to the heartfelt dedication that she made to him in the ceremony organized by APTRA. For her part, Iliana referred to the joy that her sister won the award and also spoke about the scandal.

“I lived it with great emotion, I am in Italy, I was waiting and I had asked the archangel Michael, who we are celebrating this week, the patron saint of this town, and I asked him to give my sister this joy (the prize) that needed. So I am happy and proud of her,” commented Calabró in her defense with In the afternoon. And he added: “Now, Regarding what happened, sometimes it is good to express what you feel, beyond what happens to the other with that, and as my dad said, the heart has reasons, which reason does not understand.”

Homero Pettinato told of his role in booing Rolando Barbano at the Martín Fierro

The comedian recounted in Olga how the screams arose Rolando Barbanowhen he did not dedicate his award to Marina Calabro after its heartfelt dedication. “I must admit that I started the booing, I started it as a joke that had to end with me. No one else had to boo and this was not going to happen,” the comedian began his revelation. And he added: “Because I started shouting ‘to Marina’, ‘to Marina’ and everyone told me to shut up. Suddenly, when he doesn’t tell her, I say ‘uuuuh’ and all the tables around me join in.. “So it was like a wave.”

Marina Calabro’s speech at Radio’s Martín Fierro

“The truth is, I swear, I was convinced I was losing. (Marcela) Taurus, I want to share it with you before anyone else. You are enormous, in addition to being an example for all of us, you are iconic, you are the best companion one can have and you are a beautiful friend who has helped me through bad times like no one else. For the talented Pía Shaw, who checks, checks, checks. And to Tamara Pettinato, don’t give anyone shit“You deserve this shortlist as you deserved to win it the other time, I really like your work again,” Marina began her speech, upon winning best entertainment columnist.

Yanina Latorre told why there was no pass with Marina Calabro on the radio

Today there will be no pass. Because this morning Marina called me and she told me that she didn’t want to talk about it. I think I feel stupid or stuffed If I sit here and talk about the weather, the dresses, the statuette… when what happened happened, it was generated by Marina and we have a pass and a program. More knowing that in LN+ touched on the topic,” Yanina commented with forceful intonation. And she added: “I’m not going to sit there and feign dementia and be told that I ate my snot because I didn’t ask them. So I prefer not to make the pass today and we’ll come back tomorrow when the new leaf has been turned.”

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