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They separated Costa from the work “Legally Blonde”

They separated Costa from the work “Legally Blonde”
They separated Costa from the work “Legally Blonde”

Just three months before the premiere of the work Legally Rubito, with Laurita Fernández at the helm, it was confirmed that They removed Costa from the cast. The actress played Paulette, Elle Woods’ manicurist, in the musical based on the classic film starring Reese Witherspoon.

The information was confirmed in Intruders (America) by Pampito, who assured: “They would have taken her to Costa de Legalmente Rubia. It just happened. “I would have had the meeting right now.”

Regarding the reasons for the separation, the panelist assured that the Big Brother panelist also “it came with different problems with production” of the work. “She was spectacular in the play, she was great. Sweet, pleasant, you could tell that they had let her put in little things about her,” he added.

“They tell me that they have just separated it from the work,” Pampito continued, while the rest of the panelists, stunned by the news, gave more details such as that Costa had been part of the cast of Legally Blonde until the day before she was informed that she had been fired.

“But they should already have a replacement… to make that decision,” said Karina Iavícoli, for her part. “Besides, they chose her by casting, she spent several years to get there. He put the work on his shoulder”, he added.

Costa, in the play “Legally Blonde.” Photo: Instagram

Then, Pampito added: “I was in a great moment at work. They just had the meeting and she didn’t take it very well. She was pretty hot with the decision.. What they tell me is that many things came together and the production decided to run it.”

Guido Záffora, also a panelist for the series, added: “It’s a great cast and one of the big bets this year. Costa was great and it’s striking that they kicked her out from one moment to the next. I imagine this comes from other talks. It is not easy to bring on another person with a role that has the entire job from one day to the next. “He sold it everywhere, on Instagram, on the radio… He was never missing, he is very responsible.”

Costa played “Legally Blonde.” Photo: Instagram

Carlos Rottemberg’s word on Costa’s dismissal

A few minutes after the news was confirmed that Costa had been fired from Legally Blonde, Karina Iavícoli contacted Carlos Rottemberg, owner of the Teatro Liceo hall and producer of the play.

Then, the panelist read Rottemberg’s message on air: “The first three months of contracts have been completed, and the continuities and possibilities of each one are being evaluated.”

“I don’t know a conclusive answer on the subject until we have a meeting this Wednesday with the production,” the producer of the play closed the message, implying that, evidently, the news of Costa’s separation from Legalmente Rubia is true.

In closing, Marcela Tauro commented that the stories and posts on Costa’s Instagram account promoting the work were still valid when the news was announced, so it should have taken the actress by surprise.

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