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Lola Cortés criticizes Ángela Aguilar’s talent

Lola Cortés criticizes Ángela Aguilar’s talent
Lola Cortés criticizes Ángela Aguilar’s talent

It is well known that Lola Corteswho has a 45-year professional career, has become a relentless judge of musical reality shows due to her important career, which earned her the title The queen of musical theater in Mexico. Thus, she is invited to various singing competitions in order to guide the participants with her experience. Last weekend, the protagonist of the play Peter Pan attended a children’s fight in Tabasco, Mexico.

When a girl, named Dannaeperformed the song “Cucurrucucú, Paloma”, which was iconic in the voice of Lola Beltran, the famous woman did not hesitate to ask which performer inspired her to make this song. The girl responded that Angela Aguilar; which was not to the artist’s liking.

“Did you and your grandmother hear the song sung by?” Cortés asked during the aforementioned event.

“Ángela Aguilar,” responded the girl, who was on stage.

“Damn it!” Cortés warned. “Well, that’s where the problem lies.”

Ángela Aguilar and Lola Cortés.

John Parra/Getty Images for The Latin Recording Academy / Jaime Nogales/Medios y Media/Getty Images

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The singer did not hesitate to look for the minor’s relative to question her about that decision, to the laughter and astonishment of the audience. “Madam, Dannae’s grandmother, where is she?” Don’t do it; Ah, I already saw it,” she mentioned. “Madam, don’t do that. Put Lola Beltrán, Aida Cuevasto The Tariacuri. Don’t be bad or anything, why Ángela Aguilar? Just saying”.

Lola continued with her criticism. The comments were immediate from users. “Angela does have talent, what she doesn’t have is intelligence. Lolita, who is not a popular singer, is a theater professional and as such she has a very different discipline; She demands because people have forgotten that artists should make art rather than making scandals,” said a netizen.

“Angela has talent, the same as her father, but they don’t sing the regional as they should, they make some poppy songs that have nothing to do with ranchero. This woman will not sing (nor will I tell her) but the women she cited are true interpreters of ranchera music”; “I have always thought that Ángela Aguilar does not sing and she is not suitable for the genre in which they try to make her stand out. It’s more like for style songs Paulina Rubio, Thalia and Belinda”; “Just listening to Ángela’s performance of ‘La Llorona’ makes you realize that she doesn’t sing. He could have had the best singing classes in the world, but he doesn’t sing, he screams, he sings out of tune, and he sings ugly,” and “Lola will be whatever.” She will be liked or disliked. Don’t know. But if this woman knows anything, it is her singing. “She is a monster on stage, so I consider her words valid,” they added.

So far, Ángela Aguilar has not commented on the matter and continues in Paris with her boyfriend Christian Nodal. Meanwhile, Lola Cortés is preparing to be a judge again on the reality show La Academia.

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