Elon Musk, father again: why he believes that human intelligence evolves by having children

Elon Musk, father again: why he believes that human intelligence evolves by having children
Elon Musk, father again: why he believes that human intelligence evolves by having children

Elon Musk and the world underpopulation: he was the father of his 12th child (EFE/ Caroline Brehman)

“Doing everything possible to help the subpopulation crisis“, wrote Elon Musk. This is how the publication began in the social network in July 2022, and continued: “The birth rate collapse It is by far the greatest danger facing the civilization”.

Now, with the surprising news of the birth of his twelfth child – although he said “it was no secret” – the technology magnate returned to the fray with a task he undertook a long time ago: evangelization about the importance of people having many children. And with the arrival of a new heir, Musk leads by example.

Fatherhood is one of the least known facets of the creator of SpaceX, a role that she plays with contradictions, challenges, presence and participation in the lives of her children. Musk is not a conventional father, it is known. But the technological genius is revealed by future and how the advancement of artificial intelligence would leave human intelligence behind.

The solution for the unstoppable advance of AIAccording to Musk? Have children. “Remember my words, they are sadly true,” he concluded in X’s post.

One of Elon Musk’s biggest concerns is the low birth rate and he calls for reversing it to save humanity (ERS/Christian Mang/File Photo)

Musk has been thinking – and worrying – for more than a decade that artificial intelligence will get out of control, develop a mind of its own and be the end of humanity. The creator of Neuralink fears, since his separation from Sam Altmanthe executive director of OpenAI, that chatbots and intelligence models are “politically indoctrinated” and even become hostile to the human species.

“What actions can we take to minimize the dangers of AI and ensure the survival of human consciousness?” Musk asked. AND Walter Isaacsonthe author of the biography Elon Musk, He remembers that moment perfectly. The date with the writer was at Austin’s house. Shivon Zilisthe mother of the twins Strider and Azure, and of the technology magnate’s new baby, about whom no information is known other than his birth and who has been with his older brothers for 20 years.

There, at the side of the pool, with his legs crossed, Musk gave the twins a lift. Between some donuts and the coffee prepared by Shivon, Elon was worried. Because? The future did not let him sleep. Between the low and monotonous tones, which alternated with shrill and manic laughter, as Isaacson remembers, the magnate noted that The existing amount of human intelligence was stagnating because they did not have children.

Elon Musk with Shivon Zilis, the mother of the twins and the recent baby (Shivon Zilis)

To this premise, the technological genius put another one: computational intelligence grows exponentially, following a kind of “Moore’s law on steroids”.

Moore’s law is an observation made by Intel co-founder Gordon Moore in 1965, key to technological advancement, which implies the idea of ​​developing increasingly powerful and efficient electronic devices.

This disparity, according to Musk, poses a scenario where the capacity of biological intelligence could be eclipsed by digital intelligence in the not-so-distant future.

While the twins were trying to learn to walk while laughing, Musk returned to an idea he had taken from his love of books and reading science fiction: conquest of other planets. The closest one? Mars. The CEO of tesla He dreams of creating a sustainable human colony “before an apocalypse destroys Earth civilization,” according to Isaacson.

“Getting to Mars is now much more pressing,” Musk said in his biography

Once again, Musk emphasized the urgency of creating new generations to counteract the low birth rate, which affects many industrialized nations. According to the businessman, insufficient fertility can put at risk the continuity of cultures and economies in countries such as France, Japan and Italy.

His personal life is a faithful testimony of how he takes charge of the problems that keep him in suspense. The billionaire made public his romantic relationships, as well as his belief in the importance of a large familyso much so that he is now the father of 12 children.

His first marriage with Justine Wilson resulted in five living children after the tragic loss of their firstborn. With the artist Grimes, Musk had three descendants, all with unusual names. Furthermore, of the youngest, whose mother is Zilis, executive of her company Neuralink.

Musk is an unconventional father and shares different interests and activities with his children

The tycoon fell into a long silence. He had entered “batch processing mode,” as Zilis defines those instances of reflection of the innovative entrepreneur. “I can’t just sit there and do nothing,” Musk told him, taciturnly.

And I add: “Getting to Mars is now much more pressing”. The aerospace explorationIt even generated one of Musk’s biggest rivalries in the technological world: with Jeff Bezos. Still, he achieved a milestone earlier this month: the successful fourth flight of the Starshipwhere the space company SpaceX achieved a controlled takeoff and landing of the two stages of the largest rocket in the world.

On pool day, however, he decided to create a safe artificial intelligence company for humanityto guarantee the survival of human consciousness.

Musk aims to reach Mars and create human colonies to preserve civilization (credit Manuel Mazzanti)

For Musk, artificial intelligence is a tool to automate tasks and improve efficiency, which also represents transformative potential that could completely redefine the way we interact with the world.

Musk raises the idea of ​​an AI truth seekerable to understand the universe and preserve humanity as an integral part. This vision transcends the limits of conventional technology and points towards a future where artificial intelligence plays a fundamental role in the evolution and progress of civilization.

Musk dreams of “an AI seeking the maximum truth. She would be interested in understanding the universe, and that would probably lead her to want preserve humanity, because we are an interesting part of the universe,” says the billionaire’s biography. And, also, he longs for a technology to which he can give big instructions like: “Build an improved rocket engine.”

What is your inspiration? The magnate found, in another science fiction book, the way to think about humanity and its salvation. The book is Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxyof Douglas Adams, a “formative bible” that he read during his childhood and youth, and that brought him out of terrible moments of sadness. There was a supercomputer designed to find out “the Answer to the ultimate question about Life, the Universe and everything else.”

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