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The Princess Anne of England She is admitted to a Bristol hospital after suffering an accident last Sunday, June 23. According to British media, the sister of King Charles III suffered an accident with a horse which caused a concussion for which she was rushed to the emergency room. The princess is still under observation and although she is out of danger, The latest news about his health is not very positive.

While King Charles III and Princess Kate Middleton treat their respective tumorson Monday it was learned that the monarch’s sister, 73, had been urgently admitted after suffering an accident while horseback riding. Buckingham Palace issued a statement stating that this incident took place the previous day at the Gatcombe Park estate. Although it was a vague writing with few details, ‘Daily Mail’ later expanded that he probably hit the horse’s head or legs.


Although not much information has been released about the princess’s health, it has been learned that Anne of England suffers an episode of amnesia, Because she does not remember what happened or why she is admitted, as reported by the ‘Daily Mail’.

This mishap has caused a serious disruption in the agenda of institutional events of the British monarchy, already weakened by the treatment that both Charles III and Kate Middleton must follow. In fact, Princess Anne was until now one of the most active figures in the crown in terms of representation. Like his nephew Prince William. His brother, King Charles III, is constantly informed of his state of health. “The king has been duly informed and joins the entire Royal Family in sending his warmest love and good wishes to the princess for a speedy recovery,” the statement said.

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