Margarita, the daughter of Fito Páez, whitewashed her romance with Balthazar Murillo – GENTE Online

Margarita, the daughter of Fito Páez, whitewashed her romance with Balthazar Murillo – GENTE Online
Margarita, the daughter of Fito Páez, whitewashed her romance with Balthazar Murillo – GENTE Online

On Monday night, Margarita Paez (20), the daughter of Fito and Romina Richi, surprised by whitewashing his romance with his colleague Balthazar Murillo (19), in a special function of Sex, I lived your experience.

The young actress was present at the celebrations of the work of José María Muscari that celebrated 5 years on the poster. Upon arriving at the theater, Margarita found herself with the cameras of different media, which captured some postcards with a young man, with whom she looked very sweet.

In the images it could be seen that it was Balthazarthe actor who stepped into the shoes of Carlos Tevez for the biographical series that was all the rage on Netflix back in 2019.

Somewhat shy in front of the cameras, Margarita was surprised by the flashes.

A little shy but between smiles, upon noticing the cameras, Margarita tried to hide from the flashes that she was captured for the first time with the artist.

Noticeably surprised by what happened, Fito’s young daughter, who has a super low profile but is starting an artistic career, leaned on her partner’s right shoulder and laughed to hide her nerves in the face of a situation she was experiencing for the first time in his life.

Margarita, smiling with her boyfriend Balthazar.

However, upon entering the room, she seemed more relaxed, enjoying every moment of the showholding her boyfriend’s hand.

Margarita, holding hands, with Balthazar Murillo.
Margarita, super affectionate with her boyfriend.

What does Margarita Páez do?

At the end of May, the young woman premiered the play “At the edge of the world”, in which he works with Justina Bustos, Laila Maltz, Ailin Salas and Paula Kohan. They perform every Friday and Saturday at the Cultural San Martín.

“At the Edge of the World” tells the story of four women who share a monotonous and somewhat devastating job in a town in the interior of Buenos Aires: running a restaurant. Between phone calls, broken down cars, wheel bearings, a strange passenger and the desolation of the end of the year, they try their best to get their lives to take the course that frees them and makes them find themselves, forging a friendship.

“At the edge of the world”, the work on which Margarita Páez works.

For the premiere of the play, Margarita gave some notes to the media, and as could be imagined, she talked about her parents. “Mom helps me a lot. She tells me some things so I can improve as an actress: I trusted her a lot and I think her word also helped me a lot to be here today as an actress,” she expressed in dialogue with Show Partners.

As for her father, the actress assured that he is her great inspiration and the journalist asked her if it was true that she got nervous when she had to play the piano in front of the musician. At that moment Margarita laughed and revealed that she shares the same passion as her father for the piano but assured that she still has a long way to go to play like him. “Every time I’m playing and he shows up, I’m wrong,” Margarita said, laughing.

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