“Tigernut Day” – GENTE Online

“Tigernut Day” – GENTE Online
“Tigernut Day” – GENTE Online

They were part of one of the most important children’s events on Argentine television: Little ones. They shared trips, long work days, theater rehearsals and many adventures. And, best of all, they cultivated a friendship that lasts over time. For that reason, and because life allows them, Jimena Piccolo, Georgina Mollo, Solange Verina, and Sofia Recondo They spent a different Monday.

The actresses and friends started the week enjoying a group outing that was super relaxed. In detail, the former figures of the successful Cris Morena format met after a while without seeing each other and shared a spa afternoon on the outskirts of the City of Buenos Aires, more precisely in San Miguel del Monte.

The reunion of the exes Little ones in a spa at the beginning of the week.

“Spa afternoon. How nice it is to have friends with whom you spend time and continue laughing in the same way as when you were a girl. Thank you @georgiemollo for the invitation, beautiful place,” Jimena wrote in a post she uploaded to her Instagram account, where she is followed by 107,000 users.

Georgina Mollo and Jimena Piccolo in the pool of the spa where they went with their Chiquititas classmates.

“Let it be repeated soon eh”Solange, another of those present, commented on said post. Meanwhile, on her own Instagram account she uploaded several postcards of her relaxing at her spa and on her side she wrote: “Hair tied up. Hair down. Little photo relaxing… Then I will upload more material from this beautiful getaway.”.

Solange Verina in the heated pool of the spa where she went with her former classmates from Chiquititas.

As expected, many followers of the remembered children’s novel took a second of their time to express with emotion how many memories it brought them to see them together again. “I see them and think of Little ones. What nostalgia and what a joy to remember my childhood with you.”wrote a follower of Jimena.

“What beautiful women! They brightened our childhood snacks when we came home from school. “I ask you to make a podcast!” commented another fan of fiction who told the story of a group of children who lived in a children’s home called Rincón de Luz.

Georgina Mollo, Solange Verina, and Jimena Piccolo with more cast members from Little ones in an old photo from the children’s strip.

“A ‘Chiquitita’ came out of my tear duct,” “How nice it is to see them all together! It reminds me of ‘friends, friends, little parts of my life…'”, “Chiquititas are always beautiful, greetings from Paraguay”, “If you find your little girl, don’t let her go”, and “Treenut Day”, were other messages that Instagram users left below that Piccolo post.

The former Chiquititas teammates who met again this Monday and enjoyed a spa day: Georgina Mollo, Solange Verina, Sofía Recondo and Jimena Piccolo.

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