Former member of ‘Morandé con Compañía’ reveals traumatic child abuse

Former member of ‘Morandé con Compañía’ reveals traumatic child abuse
Former member of ‘Morandé con Compañía’ reveals traumatic child abuse

A great impact has been generated by the recent revelation of Luky Buzzioremembered member of the popular program ‘Morandé with Company’.

After 45 years of silence, Buzzio confessed that it was child abuse victim. The Argentine actor recounted his painful experience in the podcast ‘Amazing Stories’where he shared details about the traumatic episode that occurred at the home of a close relative.

Buzzio, currently living in the United States, expressed that the experience was like a fire that would not let him live.

“You will always feel that stone in your shoe and you will not find it. It was hard for me to say it, but I want to help other people.”said the actor, highlighting his desire to support other people who have gone through similar situations.

The story of the former ‘Morandé con Compañía’ Luky Buzzio

The actor revealed that the abuse occurred when he was approximately 5 or 6 years old. “My brother was four years older than me… this happened with a supposed cousin, the son of my grandmother’s sister.”Buzzio said, exposing the abuser by name and surname.

The episode took place during family gatherings, where the abuser took them to play and carried out his “disastrous juggling”.

“He took us under the bed and did his juggling, this cunning that these sick people have”detailed the actor.

Buzzio confessed that he never told his mother out of fear. “They went a couple of times. My brother seems to have told him later as an adult, but we never talked about that topic again.”he added.

The former “Morandé con Compañía”, known for his role as Pichulotote In the defunct Mega program, he highlighted that this episode marked him deeply, affecting his relationship with his daughter and turning him into an insecure person.

“It affected the bond I have with my daughter and made me an insecure person”confessed the actor.

Buzzio’s brave testimony is a call for awareness and empathy towards victims of abuse.

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