José Emilio Levy reacts to Ana Bárbara’s refusal to reconcile

After what José Emilio Levyyoungest son of the deceased Mariana Levy, directly accuse Ángel Muñozfiancé of Ana Barbara, of mistreating his younger brother José María, the relationship between the young man and the singer was apparently definitively fractured. Although José Emilio is willing to reconcile with the interpreter of Bandit, she does not contemplate an approach with her ex-husband’s son, Jose Maria Fernandezbetter known as The Pirru. The youngest of the Levy brothers acknowledged, in an interview for Come the Joythat it was a mistake to air family matters to the press.

Ana Barbara

Respectful of the opinion of Ana Bárbara, who raised him like a mother since he was eight months old, José Emilio said: “Everyone has their position, everyone has their reaction and their point of view and everyone is respectable, that’s why I say that it is better to leave things clear, because that is like getting forgiveness for yourself, having clarified everything, having clarified the why and the purpose.”

The wisdom of time

Although Ana Bárbara made it clear that there is no chance for reconciliation, José Emilio does not lose hope that, later, they can resolve their differences: “You have to give time to time, time is very wise, life is very wise and will be in charge of accommodating everything, when it has to be accommodated.” The young man also told how he felt, a few days ago, when he found out that Ana Bárbara had suffered an incident at sea: “I was shocked, not knowing what to say, not knowing what to respond, many thoughts passed through me. . , of wanting to get closer to her, of wanting to reconcile with her and I was also scared,” he recalled.

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José Emilio Levy

The youngest son of the deceased Mariana Levy took advantage of this interview to acknowledge that he should not have exposed the family problems to the press: “Having peace in my heart and soul, I am achieving it little by little, things got a little complicated, I did several things went wrong, several scandals were made because of me, I already learned that it is not necessary to discuss family problems in the media and it is better to resolve them between the family, that is what I learned to know when you risk it, to recognize it,” he explained.

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Ana Barbara

What did Ana Barbara say?

A few days ago, during a press conference he held with FeyAna Bárbara explained why she does not believe a reconciliation with José Emilio Levy is possible: “When someone crosses the line of a mother’s love, a mother who gave herself and betrays you (…) it is complex, my mother’s love is immovable, but There are people who, no matter how much love I have given them, if they betray me, if they betray a mother, it is very difficult to accept it, I hope one day he will change, but there are things that are not permissible and doing what he did, I do not accept it at all. my life,” was the singer’s forceful response when asked about José Emilio.

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