“What I want is for everything to happen as soon as possible”

“What I want is for everything to happen as soon as possible”
“What I want is for everything to happen as soon as possible”

The breakup of Maria Jose Suarez (49 years old) and Alvaro Muñoz Escassi (49) is hogging all the spotlights. It was the model herself who used her Instagram profile to confirm firsthand that her romance with Escassi had come to an end. For his part, the rider was quick to appear before the media assuring that the breakup had been friendly and he was full of praise for the model.

However, Escassi’s statements in which he pointed out that María José “She will always be the woman of his life”. An email and several rumors of infidelity have been clave in the decision of the Sevillian It is a mysterious mail con very specific information about alleged disloyalty on his part.

Álvaro Muñoz Escassi has spoken about this in the program TardeAR to clarify all the accusations levelled against her. “What has happened between us, María José calls it infidelity. These are situations that have arisen because we have been estranged for a long time, but she knows exactly what the film is about.”. The rider added that he is willing to take legal action against the person who sent the email to María José.

On the morning of this Wednesday, July 3, María José headed to Madrid with her son and took the opportunity to give her point of view after learning that her ex-partner wants to file a lawsuit judicial measures with the person who sent it to you mail of infidelity.

Maria Jose Suarez and Alvaro Muñoz Escassi in one of their last images together


Somewhat cautious, the businesswoman has acknowledged before the microphones of Europa Press that “I have already spoken and I am going to maintain that I am not going to continue talking about this issue because, in addition, What I want is for it to happen as soon as possible” because “I now have 15 days to be calm, to be with the people who really love me. To be processing all this and I don’t want to talk about anything else“.

Although she was quite surprised to learn that Escassi had seen another side of María José after the breakup, the designer has found in silence his best ally. Still, he has noted that he is “strong” y “ready” for everything that has to come.

If Álvaro Muñoz Escassi assured that he was going to spend the summer single And without worries, the former Miss Spain also has it clear and has been clear and concise: “Me too. Single.”At the same time, he has closed the door to any rumors that might speak of a supposed appearance on a television show: “No, this is not the case”.

Finally, the model has confessed that she was somewhat saddened having to leave her son with his father, although she is sure that the little one It will be great“That really makes me sad, having to leave the child now. But anyway, I know he’ll be happy with his grandparents, with his daddy in Barcelona. He will be delighted So, well, it’s my turn.”

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