This is how Alejandra Rubio’s belly has grown

Alejandra Rubio reappeared after her worst day on television. This past Tuesday, Terelu Campos’ daughter broke down after the pressure she has been under since the announcement of her pregnancy. The collaborator and her boyfriend, Carlo Costanzia, They are receiving a lot of criticism through social networks, from her colleagues and also on the street. And this caused the young woman to end up breaking down. “They insist on destroying everything. We have everything against us. Do you want me to say what I feel or not? They are doing everything they can but they are not going to succeed. “I’m very sensitive. I know it’s television, but it’s my life,” she said through tears. “I didn’t want to get to this point. I’m living it like this and I’m not absolutely right,” said the young woman, quite overwhelmed.

Apart from enduring all kinds of criticism, the young woman is also recovering from COVID. Although this viral infection can happen to anyone at any time, it is normal for the girl to be worried at the time, since she is very recently pregnant and is also a first-time mother. Although she is already completely recovered from the virus, in her appearance on television she could be seen with his voice is still hoarse, showing that he is still convalescing.


This Wednesday, July 3, he returned to the Mediaset facilities to collaborate on ‘Así es la vida’, which although its cancellation is imminentthere is still to continue until the curtain falls. There he met his aunt Carmen Borrego, who we have been able to find out She and her husband will be sitting in ‘¡De viernes!’ in two days.

After her workday, the young woman was photographed leaving Mediaset in the production car and her belly was already quite noticeable for being so little.

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