This is what his co-stars think of Eddie Murphy

This is what his co-stars think of Eddie Murphy
This is what his co-stars think of Eddie Murphy

A Eddie Murphy, of 63 years old, ten children, five women and a life marked by scandals, There is no denying his talent as a comedian. And he will now reaffirm this when he becomes Axel Foley, the most charismatic character that the actor has played throughout his four-decade career. Beverly Hills Cop also remains a hit. the highest grossing film in which he has participatedThree decades after the last installment, the legendary action-comedy saga returns from Mark Molloy, who makes his debut as a feature film director. Titled “Superdetective in Hollywood. Axel F.”, it is available on Netflix starting this Wednesday.

His co-star, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, He took advantage of the presentation to applaud Murphy’s wit. He emphasized that, beyond being a “very funny” man, he is “a very honest, very real actor,” which has made his characters so memorable. “One of the things that’s underrated about Eddie is that he’s said to be very funny, but he’s also a very honest, very real actor. Part of the reason why his characters are so funny is that they feel like real people,” he insisted in an interview with CulturaOcio.

Gordon-Levitt, who plays Detective Bobby Abbott in the film, He adds that this is the case even when he plays extravagant characters with lots of makeup or prosthetics, such as “The Nutty Professor” or “The Prince of Zamunda”“These characters are funny because they seem like real people. To me, that’s a sign of a great actor,” he says.

The actor recalls watching the original film with his older brother, Dan, who sadly passed away at the age of 36 in October 2010.I have loved the “Beverly Hills Cop” movies since I was a little kid, probably too young to see these films. My older brother was a huge Eddie Murphy fan. This movie was a great way for me to connect with him because I strongly associate my brother with Eddie Murphy. So, “It means a lot to me to be able to play Eddie’s new partner in the film,” the actor said.

This new installment revives the adventures of the charismatic detective Axel Foley, whose first cinematic adventure dates back to 1984, where “Beverly Hills Cop” broke box office records, It served as a precedent for the action-comedy genre and cemented Eddie Murphy’s career as a superstar.

Molloy has taken on this project assuming the responsibility that comes with taking over such a popular saga. “They trusted me with such an iconic franchise and I was very impressed with it.” Jerry Brukheimer “(producer) had faith in me, it was really nice. Of course I felt a lot of pressure, but I just tried to be as prepared as possible and tried not to let it affect me.”

Realism in Los Angeles

“When I joined the project, when I first talked to Jerry Brukheimer about the film, I told him I wanted to do all the action in camera. I wanted to make a film with a real sense of danger, just like the original films. “So, I got to fly a helicopter through the streets of Los Angeles for real, which was a big challenge, but I think when you watch the sequence you can feel the immediacy of doing it on camera and how it feels to the viewer,” the director explained.

Joining Eddie Murphy are other familiar faces from the franchise, including Judge Reinhold and John Ashton. “Having a good cast of actors is never a challenge if you have a good script and a good director. “They loved the first two we did with them and were really happy to come back. Mark did a great job bringing back the original cast,” said producer Jerry Brukheimer.

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