“Nobody wants to be with him”

“Nobody wants to be with him”
“Nobody wants to be with him”

Brad Pitt He is one of the most attractive men in the world, there is no doubt about that. What many people surely didn’t know is the great defect that the popular American actor has and that was revealed this Wednesday, July 3. It was thanks to the Telecinco program ‘TardeAR’.

The person in charge of giving this surprising information has been none other than Paz Padilla, one of the regular contributors to the space: “I have a friend who works in the film industry in Hollywood and he told me Brad Pitt’s flaw“, the actress began by saying in the program presented by Beatriz Archidona and Frank Blanco.

Paz Padilla on the set of ‘TardeAR’


“Smells bad”Padilla said, completely leaving her colleagues on the set in disbelief, who did not quite believe her words. And she concluded: “In Hollywood, no one wants to be with him for that reason, because he smells bad,” the Andalusian assured.

In addition, the former presenter of the defunct ‘Sálvame’ has made Another unexpected confessionThis time, with Álvaro Muñoz-Escassi as the protagonist, with whom he met just a few hours ago at an event: “I was with Escassi this weekend, because I was also at the ‘El Turronero’ party,” Paz commented.

Hiba Abouk and Alvaro Muñoz Escassi at the ‘El Turronero’ party

Capture Antena 3

And he continued: “If Escassi had told me yesterday ‘Paz, come with me’, I swear I would have left everything.”she has stated without mincing words (as is usual for her, on the other hand).

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