Alejandra Rubio and Carmen Borrego respond to Bigote Arrocet after his harsh statements

Alejandra Rubio and Carmen Borrego respond to Bigote Arrocet after his harsh statements
Alejandra Rubio and Carmen Borrego respond to Bigote Arrocet after his harsh statements

This is life 03/07/2024 17:30h.

Alejandra Rubio and Carmen Borrego respond

Arrocet mustache has returned to the fray, and without mincing words, has spoken out in an interview about the recently announced motherhood of Alejandra Rubio and Carlo Costanzia.

The one who was a couple of Maria Teresa Campos He has been very harsh in his statements about Terelu Campos’ daughter and has stated that Alejandra Rubio ”has succumbed to the easy life” and that he hopes that she “reacts.” In addition, he believes that Alejandra has gone down the same path as her mother, “selling her life” and he does not believe that her mother gives her good advice.

After his statements came to light, Alejandra Rubio and Carmen Borrego They have listened attentively to Bigote’s words on ‘Así es la vida’ and Terelu Campos’ daughter has not hesitated for a second to answer him:

”I’d like to tell him that I haven’t succumbed to the easy life, I’m working every day and the one who has succumbed to the easy life thanks to my grandmother is him. Thanks to that, he can do an exclusive whenever he feels like earning a little money and give his opinion on things that don’t concern him.”

The program’s collaborator has been very forceful: “He doesn’t belong to our family, or to our life or to anything, but he continues to take advantage of it because it suits him very well. Edmundo, I don’t need any advice, you don’t know my in-laws, you shouldn’t judge them. If you think that comparing two families makes you better, you’re on the wrong track.”

Carmen Borrego She also did not want to remain silent: “Edmundo’s last words in his last exclusive were that ‘if they keep quiet, I will keep quiet’, we have been silent, we have not spoken and we are not going to speak, he does not belong to this family nor is he my mother’s widower, stop mentioning my mother who cannot defend herself and stop defaming her.”

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Carmen Borrego’s husband will sit on ‘Friday!’: ”I’m delighted”

Carmen Borrego and her husband José Carlos will be next Friday on ‘Friday!’ to grant one of the most anticipated interviews.

Terelu Campos’ sister has spoken out about this: ”I’m delighted to sit down with my husband on Friday. We’ve been married for 10 years, they’ve asked us to sit down and tell our love story, I think it’s time to tell something nice. That he’s with me on a television set makes me happy and I’m very proud of him.”

Carmen Borrego’s husband sits down on ‘Friday!’

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