Ricky Montaner’s funny response when he was asked if he ever went to a love hotel

Ricky Montaner’s funny response when he was asked if he ever went to a love hotel
Ricky Montaner’s funny response when he was asked if he ever went to a love hotel

During his days in Buenos Aires, Always y Ricky Montaner They starred in a funny moment in an interview for a radio program. It all happened when Cris Vanadia He asked them if they had ever been to a hotel accommodation.

“Like a motel?”asked the husband of Stefi Roitman to understand the question asked of him. “Here in Argentina we call it telo”explained the driver of Los40 who later shared on his social networks his round trip with the artists.

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“I have been there but it wasn’t a motel, suddenly the hotel where I was was like a Sheraton,” said Ricky, referring to a luxury accommodation. “I feel a little disgusted in the telos”added the singer, causing his brother to laugh.

Ricky Montaner's funny response when he was asked if he ever went to a love hotel

Mau and Ricky’s reaction when they were asked if they had ever been to a hotel. (Photo: Instagram capture/crisvanadia)

“The shower that you are stepping on barefoot, you don’t know what is there”he continued. “Barefoot?” Cris Vanadia exclaimed at that moment. “In flip-flops, will it be?”Mau said. “Of course, because you’re going to say ‘I brought the flip-flop to take a shower,’” joked Stefi Roitman’s husband.

“The jacuzzi and all that stuff is floating”Ricky launched to make clear why he would not like to go to a love hotel. However, he reflected: “It also happens in normal ones, but in the telos I feel like it has that purpose. But for any emergency, I would have no problem going.”

After that funny dialogue, Mau Montaner reacted to his brother’s words. “Why Ricky did you make me think that!”. And, laughing, Cris Vanadia joked: “This moment is presented by those who are in General Paz.”

Catalina from Big Brother fulfilled her dream of meeting Mau and Ricky

Some days ago, Catalina Gorostidi had the opportunity to meet his idols Want to go Ricky?. The former participant of Big Brother 2023 (Telefe) shared the photo of the moment on their social networks and caused a sensation.

“Dreams come true, happiness is total”the pediatrician wrote on her social networks at the time. In the postcard she could be seen with the singer brothers who arrived in Buenos Aires last week for their album Caracas Hotel.

The postcard that Catalina Gorostidi posted on her social networks after meeting her idols. (Photo: Twitter screenshot/catigorostidi_)

The Venezuelan duo was present at Morfi’s Rock (Telefe)It was there that Cata had the opportunity to get to know them up closeafter having gone to several of their shows in different parts of Argentina.

“Nice to meet you, don’t faint”Ricky told the former player of realityAt that time, he told them that he entered the house with one of their sweatshirts and that he went to 5 of their concerts. “Thanks to you I pay for my house”Mau joked.

“I can’t believe it, they are everything to me”Cata said with emotion. “I hadn’t been to Buenos Aires for 2 years. I missed the affection of the people, and of Argentina,” Mau told her. “I come here, and finding your affection is something very beautiful,” he concluded.

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