Maria Becerra showed how she cuts her own bangs in a funny TikTok video

Maria Becerra showed how she cuts her own bangs in a funny TikTok video
Maria Becerra showed how she cuts her own bangs in a funny TikTok video

The singer, who is very detail-oriented, used a clipper and scissors to tidy up the cut and surprised her followers with the final result. “Fixing my bangs,” she wrote.

July 3, 2024, 12:43 p.m.

Maria Becerra

María Becerra fixed her bangs and surprised her followers. (Video: TikTok/@mariabecerra_22)

Although she has thousands of stylists at her disposal who leave her impeccable in every show y red carpet, Maria Becerra She doesn’t lose her habits and likes to have control over every detail of her look. While she’s on tour in different cities in Europe, she keeps in touch with her followers and in the last few hours she shared a fun video while she was retouching her hair. fringe.

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The artist, who a few weeks ago debuted a haircut mullet with short straight bangs, she took to her Tiktok account to show how she retouched it herself with machine to even it out and trim it to the middle of the forehead.

Maria Becerra recorded a video while she was touching up her bangs. (Photo: Capture TikTok/@mariabecerra_22)

Detail-oriented, he took care of each lock of hair carefully and then gave the finishing touches with a scissors. Happy with the result – a fringe that was short, straight and neat – she combed it to make sure that no hair was out of place. In the final shot, She let loose the improvised half ponytail she had made and showed off her hair loose in all its splendor, which she accompanied with eyeliner makeup cat eye hero.

Maria Becerra showed how she styles her bangs. (Photo: Capture TikTok/@mariabecerra_22)

Thus, the singer not only showed her spontaneity and simplicity when preparing her looks but also made her followers laugh. Throughout the process, those playback about the song “Nuevecito de Paquete” (New Package), which talks about coming home from the barbershop and that many users use to make funny videos about hair transformations.

María Becerra with her bangs freshly cut. (Photo: Capture TikTok/@mariabecerra_22)

“Fixing my bangs,” wrote “La nena de Argentina” in the caption of the video, which accumulated More than 300 thousand views in one day and was filled with supportive comments from her fans. “Your bangs look beautiful, you inspired me” and “Beautiful as always”praised her, while others admired her skill: “I was that one and it turned out all broken” and “On her it looks straight and perfect, but on us it looks crooked”, are other messages that can be read.

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