A life dedicated to music: at 85 years old, this is how Néstor Fabián, an icon of the Argentine stage, looks today

A life dedicated to music: at 85 years old, this is how Néstor Fabián, an icon of the Argentine stage, looks today
A life dedicated to music: at 85 years old, this is how Néstor Fabián, an icon of the Argentine stage, looks today

José Cotelo, better known by his stage name Nestor Fabianis one of the most prolific singers in the national industry. The man born in November 1938 also ventured into acting. As a child, the tango singer suffered the loss of his biological family and was adopted by a woman named Rosa. At the age of twelve he had to start working in a handbag factory to help with the finances of his adoptive home.

In 1691, Nestor Fabian He made his debut as a musician on Channel 7, where he showed all his talent and from there he never stopped. He recorded several albums and stood out in various shows. In 1964, he starred in the soap opera “Todo es amor” alongside Violeta Rivas, who would become the great love of his life. Three years later, the artists married and remained together until the death of the actress and singer in 2018. The only daughter of the marriage, Analía Cotelo, was born as a result of the bond between the bolero singer and his wife.

Nestor Fabian with the Polish Goyeneche.
His big voice made him stand out above other singers.
The day Néstor and Violeta got married. The couple formed an endearing musical duo.

After several decades on stage and several comings and goings in his professional career, At almost 86 years old, the tango singer is more current than ever and has not stopped performing. A few days ago, to celebrate the National Singer’s Day, Nestor Fabian He was invited to the tango radio station La 2×4, where he dazzled everyone present in the studio and to the listeners with his unique, unmistakable and moving voice.

The musician also shines at night at the classic San Telmo tango club “Michelangelo”: “I feel like I’m at home and they treat me like I’m at home. I think Michelangelo will be around for a while, I hope so. Everyone, from the doorman to the guys who work there, show me affection. One of them told me: ‘My mother named me Fabián after you’, incredible. The owner, Luis Machi, cares about the artist, he always asks me: ‘Are you happy, Fabián?’ I answer: ‘I’m doing great, what more can I ask for if I’m singing in a first-class place. Today the only thing I ask of life is health, health, health, the rest we’ll take care of.’“, he expressed Nestor Fabian in an interview he gave to La Nación when asked whether or not he was thinking of leaving the stage.

At 85 years old, the singer decided to continue with his shows.
Despite the health problems he suffered, the tango singer is better than ever.

The love story between Nestor Fabian and Violeta Rivas

Nestor Fabian He was married for more than 50 years to Violeta Rivas, whom he met in 1694 and they never separated, they became one of the most beloved and stable couples in the entertainment world. In conversation with La Nación, the tango singer recalled how it was the moment when he first met the popular and famous artist: “The first time I saw her was on Channel 13; we were both on different programs, but with the same director. I went to get my script and we met. I introduced myself with admiration and formality: “Delighted.” She was enthralled and didn’t even notice me. At the time, Cacho Fontana called me to invite me to Radio El Mundo, we just happened to meet Violeta, he greeted me more effusively and began a relationship where I met his family. Later Violeta went to Channel 9, where I was already working. She arrived with El Club del Clan, of which she was one of the founders. And we fell in love.”

Zoe with her grandparents Néstor Fabián and Violeta Rivas, years ago.

On another occasion, he said: “I fell in love with Violeta for her simplicity, naturalness and charisma. I say that life rewarded us (…). We enjoyed three years together as a couple and fifty-one years as a married couple. Analía Verónica, our beloved daughter, arrived and now she takes care of me with my granddaughter Zoe.”

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