The famous actor who is the boyfriend of Nina Caicedo from MasterChef

The famous actor who is the boyfriend of Nina Caicedo from MasterChef
The famous actor who is the boyfriend of Nina Caicedo from MasterChef


The famous woman, who has stood out for her cooking skills, is in a relationship with a renowned actor who is divorced.

As the competition progresses, The participants of ‘MasterChef Celebrity’ are faced with difficult challenges that not only test their knowledge in the kitchen, but also skills such as patience, working under pressure and teamwork.

The sixth season of the beloved format surprised its followers with its luxury castwhich includes well-known personalities from the national entertainment world, including actors, singers, athletes, comedians and more.

With only two weeks of competition, One of the participants who stood out is the actress Nina Caicedo, Recognized for her participation in productions such as ‘La Pola’, ‘Without Breasts There Is No Paradise’, ‘The Detectives and the Victor’, ‘The Mariachi’s Daughter’, ‘Give Me Back My Life’ among others.

He is the famous actor who is Nina Caicedo’s boyfriend

His time on the format has sparked excitement among his followers curiosity to know more details about Nina Caicedo’s private life.

In addition to being the sister of renowned salsa singer Andy Caicedo, Many people don’t know that Nina is the girlfriend of a very famous Colombian actor.

This is the actor Jair Romero, with whom he shares the set in the Canal Caracol production ‘Devuélveme la vida’.

Jair is recognized for having participated in productions such as ‘Leandro Díaz’, ‘Azúcar’, but especially for his leading role in the bio-novel inspired by Joe Arroyo.

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Although it is unknown how long they have been in a relationship, it has caught the attention of Internet users that Romero was the husband of actress and former Colombian queen Yeimy Paola Vargas, from whom he separated in 2020. As a result of this marriage, Jair has two children, Joshua and Jeyko.

Although their relationship has generated controversy among their fans, Nina and Jair have shown that they care little about what people say and they frequently share posts together, in which they are seen dancing and having fun as a sign of their love and complicity.

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