Rafa Mora surprises with his physique one year after ‘Sálvame’: “Rest is important”

Rafa Mora surprises with his physique one year after ‘Sálvame’: “Rest is important”
Rafa Mora surprises with his physique one year after ‘Sálvame’: “Rest is important”

Rafa Mora In the 2000s he became one of the regulars on Telecinco after his time on ‘Women and Men and Viceversa’. Her figure then went on to appear in other programmes such as ‘Supervivientes’ and ‘Sálvame’which ended its relationship with Mediaset a year ago.

Now, at 41 years old, the television personality has given a radical change in your lifespending more time on his role as an influencer, his different businesses, and also preparing for the local police exams in the municipality where he lives, Alcobendas, together with his partner, Macarena Millán.

But if there is something that surprises is the physique that Mora currently sports. On repeated occasions, and in front of the cameras, he pointed out that He was not worried about having a few extra kilosbut his figure has only improved in recent months, as the former collaborator himself showed on his Instagram profile, comparing a previous image with the physique he sports now: “Everyone feels sorry for the weak, envy must be earned”.

80 kilos of training, diets…

And his secret is none other than consistency, work in the gym, and following a diet that he feels comfortable with, feeling it as part of his life, and not seeing it as a punishment. With all this, He has reached a weight of 80 kilos, proving that much of it is due to muscle: “Monday after recharging my body with energy”he wrote, sharing an image of himself on the scale.


The image of Rafa Mora on the scale

A scale with which Rafa Mora also makes it clear that it is not only important to be consistent, but also to make room for rest and a little treat a week: “That is why Rest and skipping a diet one day a week is as important as Christmas. In my case, Sundays are sacred”.

All this has been key for the Valencian, who enjoys life and has also managed to maintain an enviable physique thanks to his daily workouts, going through strength sessions four days a week, his daily cardio, and a controlled diet.

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