Venga la Alegría host accuses her ex of being in debt to pay alimony: “You don’t help your daughter”

Venga la Alegría host accuses her ex of being in debt to pay alimony: “You don’t help your daughter”
Venga la Alegría host accuses her ex of being in debt to pay alimony: “You don’t help your daughter”

Eight years have passed since Natália Subtil and Sergio Mayer Mori began a relationship that quickly resulted in the birth of a little girl.

And although at the beginning Sergio Mayer Mori and Natália said they were made for each otherfinally the relationship failed, because his parents did not agree, mainly Sergio Mayer, since his son was a minor when he began his romance with the model 10 years older than him.

What did Natália Subtil, host of ‘Venga la Alegría’, say about Sergio Mori?

At the moment, Both are in a constant war of statementsbecause she accuses him of not taking responsibility for his daughter and not looking for her.

In a recent interview with various media outlets, Natália said that her relationship with Mayer Mori only lasted four months, and although she has tried to hold him accountable, she prefers to remain calm.

“It’s just mom, there’s no demand, I want to be at peace, I think I’m fine like this, it’s better and I don’t want to suffer for something (…) it’s not that he’s looking for my daughter a lot, he looked for her the last time on Father’s Day, but we already had plans, you don’t look for her the day before.”

Natália commented that for Father’s Day: “the school had events and he couldn’t go, he told me he couldn’t go because he didn’t have a car, I almost offered him an Uber, but I said no, it’s too much.”

Natália Subtil appeared at an event and spoke about Sergio Mori’s fatherhood.

What did Sergio Mori say to Natália Subtil?

Regarding the statements made by Natália Subtil about the absence of Sergio Mayer Mori at the Father’s Day festival, he was questioned at a public event and his response was concrete: “I don’t have a car, because I don’t know if you remember that she has a little car.”

“But what a shame that I have to be expressing so many things that don’t make sense, but I will always continue to have the same fortune of expressing my love for my daughter and that she is my priority and willingness for my daughter,” said the young actor.

Finally, he said he was impressed that Natália Subtil told the media that her daughter gave her current partner a Father’s Day gift.

What did Natália Subtil accuse Sergio Mori of?

Finally, Natália Subtil responded to Sergio Mayer Mori’s accusations and on his ‘X’ account, formerly Twitter, he shared a fragment of Sergio’s statements.

Natália accused Mori of being a liar for accusing her of having his car: “How sad to be a mythomaniac. Since when is my car your car, dude? You didn’t go to the festival because you didn’t want to and that’s it. Our difference is that I speak the truth, regardless of whether the public likes it or not. You don’t help your daughter at all.”

What was the relationship between Natália Subtil and Sergio Mayer?

The relationship began amid controversy, because Natália was 27 years old and Sergio was only 17. at the time. They met on the set of the movie ‘Father’s Day,’ and rumors that they were dating spread to the point where it became known that they were going to be parents.

The relationship ended on complex terms and there was extensive debate about how parenthood would be carried out. But they broke up when Mayer Mori was only 18 years old.

“I let him know that I couldn’t be a father at the moment,” Sergio said years ago. “He told me that he understood, that he was very young and didn’t want to ruin my life, so he would go back to Brazil and have the baby there, but I told him that it wasn’t about him growing up without his father. I told him, ‘let’s have him and we’d think about names,’” he revealed.

He later explained that the way Natália changed made him distance himself: “She started to change super fast. Her mood swings were terrible. One day she told me she was going to Brazil, and another that we were going to raise her together; and the next that she was going to abort.”

At the moment, Natália has a partner who has accepted her daughter as his own and she has managed to join the ranks of TV Azteca, where she serves as host of ‘Venga la Alegría’, although in a month she will be part of the members who leave the program.

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