Mónica Farro and a pain that does not close: “I could not say goodbye because the coffin was closed and I do not forgive myself for that”

Mónica Farro and a pain that does not close: “I could not say goodbye because the coffin was closed and I do not forgive myself for that”
Mónica Farro and a pain that does not close: “I could not say goodbye because the coffin was closed and I do not forgive myself for that”

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Monica Farro (48) has his libido focused on work and is making the most of his comedian side in The planthe play in which he acts with Alejandro Muller, Chiqui Abecasis y Kitty Locaneat the Teatro La Casona, located on Corrientes and Ayacucho. On a personal level, the Uruguayan vedette is going through a period of mourning that is costing her more than she imagined.

Monica Farro

It turns out that her father passed away a while ago and she was unable to travel to say goodbye to him in her native Uruguay. In conversation with journalist Nico Peralta for Pronto, Farro talked about this painful process that is costing her a lot. “Should I travel to Uruguay or not? Just the other day I was talking to my mother, Mirta, and we were doing the math on how long I haven’t been there. My father, Toni, passed away two years ago and I haven’t been there since then. Now I really want to go, although my mother comes here a lot. She spent the season with me in Mar del Plata, she came in April, she had been here before in December. She comes back very often,” she said.

-So you haven’t come back since your dad died.

-Exactly. His name was Archimedes but we called him Toni. He passed away on August 31, 2022. In September I moved and a few weeks later I went to scatter his ashes with my mother and son, in Uruguay. He wanted us to throw him in the river and that’s what we did. He loved the water and we left him there, swimming in his place. After that, I didn’t go back and now I really want to go there for a week. Right now I don’t have time but as soon as I can, I will.

Monica Farro and her father, Toni

-Do you keep your dad in mind? Does he appear at any specific time of the day?

-Yes. He is the first person to leave that I love with all my soul. I never experienced the loss of grandparents or uncles or any person that hurt me because my family was my father, my mother, my son and me. There was no other. I suffered a lot and I miss talking to him a lot. My old man and I talked every day and he always had the right word to encourage me or criticize me from a good place. He was a very present father, with a lot of love and we were super close. I have a photo of him in the living room and I look at it constantly. I even talk to him a lot. But I never dreamed of him or felt him present in any specific event. My mother at home, yes, but I here in Buenos Aires, no. In any case, it is hard for me to accept that he is no longer here.

– So you are still in mourning in a way?

-Yes, I think so. I couldn’t grieve because he had just passed away and three days later I moved. They were two very complicated situations for the soul and the mind. Moving is a kind of grieving process and we expected what happened with my old man but at the same time we didn’t. I often listen to a voice message I have from him.

Monica Farro

-That tells you?

-Dad died on August 31st and a few days before, on August 16th, it was my wedding anniversary. I have that last message he sent me in which he congratulated me on the anniversary. I do listen to that a lot when I want to hear his voice. I remember his face and his smile, which was unique. He looked at me with immense love and I will never forget that. He said he was very proud of me and that constantly pierces my soul.

-What did he die of?

-Seventeen years ago he had a brain aneurysm and was left with an injury in one foot. He retired and although he could not care for himself much, he moved a little. Since he stopped working, he depended a lot on my mother. He became lazy to walk and do exercises, so he was always at home, sitting and waiting for my mother. He prepared the mate but was very static. When he came to Buenos Aires, we forced him to walk and move and it was a constant struggle. Then he had internal complications and a few days before my anniversary, they had to operate on him because he could not swallow food and vomited it. It was simple but they killed him in the operation. They did something bad to him. Afterwards he came out perfectly, he was there for a few days and went into a coma. He never came out again. While in a coma he became full of bacteria, had intra-hospital infections and died.

Monica Farro

-Were you able to say goodbye?

-No, and I will never forgive myself for that. I went to see him but he was no longer there, he was kept running by machines. Until there was no hope for anything and he left. I saw him a week before and I couldn’t touch him because he had infections, so I had to watch him from afar. They told me that he knew I had been there but it’s not enough for me and I feel guilty. I hadn’t been able to travel before because I had torn my ligaments at The Hotel des Celebrities. I was in a cast and on crutches and it was difficult to travel. I didn’t want to be another burden on my mother either.

-Did you go to the funeral?

-Yes. When they told me he had passed away, I went there but the coffin was not open and I could not see him again. He was very swollen because he was in a coma and they were doing dialysis but nothing was working for him anymore. My mother decided not to open the coffin because he was no longer himself. I could not see him and that broke my heart. I suffered a lot.

Monica Farro

The full interview with Mónica Farro is in the July digital edition of Pronto and can be downloaded and read for free by clicking on this link

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