Ariel Rodríguez Palacios prepares for the weekend with the best news

Ariel Rodríguez Palacios prepares for the weekend with the best news
Ariel Rodríguez Palacios prepares for the weekend with the best news

Telefe is betting heavily on entertainment programming in its schedule. It is the best way to attract the public that increasingly chooses less live television and concentrates more on entertainment programs. streaming and social media. The channel received some good news this week.

This time it wasn’t thanks to “Big Brother” or “Perfect Escape”, two of the programs that normally get the most points in terms of ratingbut by “Ariel in his sauce.” Ariel Rodriguez Palacios is at the forefront of this format that seems to be delighting the public.

Ariel Rodríguez Palacios wins applause from Telefe.

The cook’s broadcasts take place almost at noon, just when many Argentines are cooking and are entertained with jokes and the dynamics of Ariel Rodriguez Palacios While he teaches new cooking recipes to everyone, he seems to be making quite a bit of money from this.

“Ariel en su salsa” has been on the air for a couple of years now, but this 2024 in particular seems to be pleasing all viewers. Telefe is surely more than happy with how they closed this Friday and that it was the good news before the weekend. The chef’s program took about 8.0 points from rating.

“Ariel in his sauce” reached 8 points of rating. Source: (Instagram).

Ariel Rodriguez Palacios beat Telefe’s historic competitor, Channel 13, since it surpassed “Socios del espectáculo” by a lot, they made 3.5 out of rating. Followed by El Nueve, who achieved a 2.2 with “Qué mañana”. They were followed by América with “Desayuno Americano” and a 0.9 and, finally, TVP with “Documentales TVP”, which only reached 0.1.

One of Telefe’s most watched shows.

Apparently, Telefe continues to gain ground. This week it reached some pretty high numbers not only with “Ariel en su salsa”, but also with “Gran Hermano”, which is already in the final stretch of the competition, and “El noti de la gente”, which fully investigated the case of the missing child in Corrientes, Loan Danilo Peña.

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