Her doctors considered emergency surgery.

Her doctors considered emergency surgery.
Her doctors considered emergency surgery.

Singer Isabel Pantoja (67 years old) was admitted to the Reina Sofia Hospital in Cordoba at five in the morning on Friday, July 5. She was accompanied by her inseparable little brother, Augustin Pantoja. Although at first The doctors who observed her considered the possibility of operating on her.they finally decided not to.

It has been the program This is life from Telecinco who reported this news, in addition to revealing that The artist has already been discharged despite the “worrying” nature of his health.

This hospital stay, which fortunately lasted only a few hours, comes after the cancellation of the second of his concerts in just two months due to health problems. First it was Tenerifescheduled to take place on April 30 and postponed to September 21. The last of them would have taken place last Saturday, June 29, in Valladolid. This one, for the moment, does not have a date on the agenda.

After announcing the cancellation of its show in the capital of Leon, Isabel Pantoja worried his fans, even though the journalist Anthony Rossi (42) pointed out in We’ll see that it was not something “serious.”With great regret, we announce the cancellation for medical reasons “of Isabel Pantoja’s upcoming performance at the Valladolid Bullring,” the statement began, stating that the decision to cancel had been made.following medical advice and with the aim of ensuring Isabel’s well-being.”

In this writing, the singer of Sailor of lights o He was my lifedeeply appreciates the support and understanding of its followersas well as the dedication and effort of all those involved in the organization of the event” and warned, then, that the promoter of the concert would inform them “of the process of changing or returning tickets.”

Regarding your health problems, The television program wanted to clarify that the artist’s health is “worrying” and that in the next few weeks she will have to undergo the operation that the doctors have now postponed. Pantoja’s health has been deteriorating in recent months for reasons that have not been revealed and in the concerts she is giving to mark her 50 years in music, The singer was forced to sit down at certain times of the show.

His last show: Illescas

Isabel Pantoja, at one of her concerts.


Isabel Pantoja shone in Illescas Last Saturday, June 22nd. After the concert he offered, he was seen with his brother Agustin and the cameras of Europa Press They could have asked him if he accidentally revealed on stage the sex of the baby his niece is expecting, Anabel Pantoja (38).

And the artist, when she presented the influencer in front of their audience to dance the choreography they have created for the song Garlochi, She hinted that she was expecting a boy: “And now I’m going to ask for a moment. He’s going to kill me! He’s going to kill me! But I want my Ana to come! Please! That applause for my Ana and for my future great-nephew! Or grandniece… The choreography is hers, eh? Be very careful.” Serious, as she usually appears before the press, Isabel avoided revealing whether she confirmed that it was a boy or it was simply the introduction that came spontaneously to him at that moment.

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