Alvaro Muñoz Escassi reveals the truth about his breakup with Maria Jose Suarez

Alvaro Muñoz Escassi reveals the truth about his breakup with Maria Jose Suarez
Alvaro Muñoz Escassi reveals the truth about his breakup with Maria Jose Suarez

Alvaro Muñoz Escassi reveals the truth about his breakup with Maria Jose SuarezMediaset

Alvaro Muñoz Escassi has told in the program ‘Friday!’from Telecinco her version of what happened with her now ex-partner, Maria Jose Suarezand added that he had previously had relationships with trans women. He also said that his relationship with the model was “open“, so he does not consider that he has committed an infidelity, since the rider maintained a Meeting a transsexual woman which was revealed a few days ago.

Although they had been seen separately in recent times, María José Suárez made it known a few days ago that they were no longer together. The model revealed that she had received an email from a Escassi’s alleged transsexual lover, in which there was evidence that he owed her money after spending the night of June 22 together.

Alvaro Muñoz Escassi

An open relationship

About this episode, Escassi offered details in the Telecinco program. Firstly, he doubted that this was a reason to end his love with María José Suárez because, according to him, theThe relationship between the two was “open” by mutual agreement“And she also considers it?” They Asked. “Ask her,” he replied. “We had been between months comes and goes. “I’ve never wanted to admit that we broke up. We enjoy sex in the way that we feel is right,” she said.

The interviewee also admitted the encounter with this transsexual lover, describing it as “an absolutely consensual relationship”. From there, this woman would have demanded amounts of money which he refused to send. This refusal ended in a confrontation. Asked by the program’s collaborators, Escassi stressed that never hired sexual services and that he was not obliged to pay anything.

Various threats

In his appearance on the program ‘¡De viernes!’, he confirmed that the woman with whom he had had sexual relations sent an email to María José Suárez giving details of the encounter, telling her thatand he owed him 1,500 euros and warning that would go on television to tell what happened.

Escassi attributed the breakup with the model to the difference in points of view between both sdiscuss how to resolve this issue. “We stopped talking to each other because I feel that I have to speak in one way and she in another. I told him I would figure it out and that was the last conversation we had.“, said.

He also claimed that he had put a report to the police because he considered himself the victim of extortion, even though he knew that this could make the facts public. According to the rider, it was the woman who asked him for money who took the initiative to contact him on Instagram.

More revelations

When the collaborators of the space ‘Friday!’ made him see that Her profile stated that she was transgenderEscassi downplayed the detail and said: “If you ask me if I have been with trans women, yes I have. When I see a woman, I don’t call her trans, I see a woman,” he explained.

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