“I can’t project anything or…” – Paparazzi Magazine

“I can’t project anything or…” – Paparazzi Magazine
“I can’t project anything or…” – Paparazzi Magazine

Thousands of kilometers separate them, literally. The couple Marcelo Tinelli and Milett Figueroa is going through a unique moment, with the enormous distance that prevails between them, following the host’s decision to travel to the United States to stay for a significant number of weeks without his girlfriend.

The famous man undertook the journey to that country with the desire to enjoy the Copa América and cheer on the Argentine National Team, in addition to generating some content for his social networks with his cousin. The Tirri, who accompanied them during this long vacation period.

From all the posts it was clear that Marcelo’s partner was not part of the trip and that triggered rumors of a crisis, of turbulence in the depths of the relationship. The Peruvian spoke in depth about this issue and released ambiguous definitions.

At first, Milett tried to calm the rumors and described the couple’s current situation: “Everything is fine, everyone is very happy. I am also enjoying my stay here.”. And then he justified his absence on the trip due to bureaucratic issues: ““Renewal is delayed”.


Regarding the possibility of speeding up the procedures and trying to fly to the north of the continent to meet Marcelo after a mountain of days, Figueroa said: “So I couldn’t fly to see the final of the tournament.“. And he also described the driver in this present: “Marcelo is happy with life. He is enjoying his best moment, it seems to me that he is enjoying it a lot and I always agree with him on that.”.

The chronicler tried to delve into some detail of the love story and asked him about his immediate plans, There was Milett’s strange statement: “There is no need to project anything when things are meant to be enjoyed. They are enjoyed as long as they last, nothing happens. When you are with someone, you will always want the best for the couple.“.

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