Benjamín Vicuña’s super public compliment for Anita, his new girlfriend

Benjamín Vicuña’s super public compliment for Anita, his new girlfriend
Benjamín Vicuña’s super public compliment for Anita, his new girlfriend

Benjamin Vicuna weeks ago he revealed his new relationship with Anita Espasandina young woman he met at the gym he attends. The actor once again bet on love and he looks as happy as he is in love, something that was made evident in these hours after a compliment he dedicated to her publicly.

The smile of Benjamin Vicuna revealed the strong feelings he has for his new partner. He was caught by the Intrusos cameras leaving a performance of Felicidades, the play he stars in with Adrián Suar and Griselda Siciliani, and he did not avoid the question about his girlfriend.

“She is a beautiful, wonderful woman”the Chilean launched, evidently caught in the nets of love and excited about this new opportunity that appeared in his life. “I’m very happy”he added later, reaffirming the great present he is living.

The truth is that the actor never resigned himself to finding a new love. This is how, after his high-profile relationships with Pampita and China Suárez, in addition to his previous whitewashed romance with Eli Sulichin (with whom he dated between the end of 2021 and mid-2022), he falls in love again.

“The hope of love is never lost”said Benjamin Vicunaquestioned about how he is experiencing this romance after so many past experiences.I have so much more in life than I ever expected”he concluded by way of reflection.

It is worth noting that the romance between the Chilean and Anita Espasandín became known in mid-June. “Her name is Anita, she is 40 years old and has two children from a previous relationship. She is separated.”said Rodrigo Lussich in Partners in the show.

Benjamin Vicuña is happy with Anita Espasandín, his new girlfriend.

However, it should be noted that this new romance of Benjamin Vicuna It has been going on for more than seven months now, it just became official these past few weeks. “They met at the gym. She is an expert in finance and separated from her husband, Andrés, 5 months ago.”said Paula Varela, panelist of the eltrece cycle.

“She is practically installed in Vicuña’s house, whoever passes by the door sees Anita’s van parked at the door. They are morning people, many times they arrive at the gym together, hand in hand in the parking lot of the shopping center.”detailed the entertainment program. Long live love!

The first photo of Vicuña and his new girlfriend, a few days ago.
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