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The real reason why he doesn’t like spending the summer there and his plans

The real reason why he doesn’t like spending the summer there and his plans
The real reason why he doesn’t like spending the summer there and his plans

As every year at this time, journalists swarm around the Marivent Palacethe holiday residence of the Spanish Royal Family in Mallorca since 1973. This small palace with views of the Bay of Palma, which the now defunct Provincial Council of the Balearic Islands made available to the then princes Juan Carlos I and Sofia and their offspring, has witnessed many moments of laughter, informal meals followed by long chats and family photos on the esplanade in front of the building. But it has also led to the start of some unpleasant situations.

We must not forget that the Balearic island was the place where Juan Carlos began to exchange endearments with Marta Gayaa Mallorcan socialite who in the late eighties came into contact with the jet set circle that the aforementioned frequented every time he was at his summer residence. Not to mention that summer of 2013 when Joy y Felipe They went through a marital crisis and she left Palma several days earlier than planned, leaving her husband and daughters in Marivent.

In addition, Letizia and the Infanta Cristina They had a monumental fight in Marivent a couple of years ago. As he told our magazine Pilar Eyrethe spark jumped when Letizia went down to dinner in gym tightsCristina reprimanded her and the queen shouted at her that in her house she dressed however she wanted: “Since then they have not spoken to each other. Nor has Cristina supported, at least publicly, Letizia in these difficult times that she is going through. And perhaps she did not feel supported by her brother or her sister-in-law when her life collapsed in a public and resounding way.”

Lack of privacy

Given this situation, it is normal that Letizia is worried about the fact that she will soon have to spend a few days in Mallorca before being able to leave for a secret location for the press to enjoy the privacy of a foreign country. On one occasion, the journalist Carmen Duerto He met her in the vicinity of the palace and asked her if she would continue her holiday in Palma. Letizia replied that one never knew and that she thought that her thing was a holiday: “Is this a private vacation? “Do you think this (gesturing to a room full of people waiting for her) is a vacation? Do you have the solution? Well, I don’t either.”

It is not clear whether Letizia will have to coincide with her sisters-in-law on the island this year. What is certain is that He will no longer have to pretend cordiality with King Juan Carloswho has been living in Abu Dhabi since 2020 and, in some way, blames his daughter-in-law for the fact that he was removed from public life. However, he will meet there with Queen Sofia, who his children are keeping a close eye on since she was admitted to the Ruber Clinic in Madrid in April as a result of a urinary tract infection.

The emeritus is the most faithful resident of Marivent and in recent times He has made an effort to try to get his three children and eight grandchildren to spend time together. in the Majorcan palace – although it has not always been successful. “For her, conditioning each of the rooms of Marivent, decorated with the typical Majorcan fabrics with blurred stripes in various colours and furnished in a more rustic and informal way than the rooms of the Zarzuela, is an exciting task and one that she carries out without problem,” Duerto points out in his book ‘Letizia. A real woman’. “Those days of vacation always serve her to remembering the family summers spent with his parents and siblings on the island of Corfu, in his homeland of Greece.”

Some customs

In fact, the current kings have been there for several years now They offer few details about the activities they plan to carry out during their stay on the island. Although they will probably maintain certain customs such as Felipe taking part in the Mapfre King’s Cup sailing event – an event in which he has been participating for four decades – or Letizia and him making the occasional cultural visit with their daughters, the Infanta Sofia and the Princess Leonor —who has just received the Grand Cross for Military Merit and has said goodbye to Zaragoza as a second lieutenant.

In any case, it would not be a bad idea for the Royal Family to take advantage of the fact that it has just launched an account on the social network Instagram to share some images of its holidays and thus, in the process, get a little closer to that part of the citizenry that views the institution with increasing disinterest.

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