Queen Sofia lives 2 hours by plane from Zarzuela

Queen Sofia lives 2 hours by plane from Zarzuela
Queen Sofia lives 2 hours by plane from Zarzuela

Queen Sofia remains the only member of the family Bourbon who has maintained his role within the institution after Felipe y Joy decided to remove the functions and assignments from the rest of the family members. Sofia has always been perceived as a victim of the indiscretions and deceptions of Juan Carloswhich has earned him the affection of the public. The kings recognized that his presence could be useful, especially in institutional commitments of a religious nature, areas where Joy doesn’t feel so comfortable.

Sofia of Greece She has prioritized her role as queen over her role as mother or wife. She has dedicated her life completely to the crownfulfilling her duties with total dedication. Her wish is to remain a central figure in the monarchy until the end of her days. However, with the coming of age of Leonor and the maturity of the Infanta Sofiaher responsibilities could be reduced, as her granddaughters are destined to take on greater roles. Despite this, retirement is not in her plans, although she currently resides more outside of Operetta.

Queen Sofia

Sofia prefers to spend time in London, Geneva or Athens rather than in Zarzuela

In recent times, the presence of Sofia in Operetta has become sporadic. Her life is now divided between London, Ginebra y Athenswhere he finds peace and family support. On the one hand, Sofia has spent much of his life in Londonwhere his brother lived Constantino and her sister-in-law in exile. After Constantine’s death, London has become a place full of sad memories, which has led her to prefer a certain distance. Her relationship with her brother was very close, and now she relies heavily on her sister. Irenewith whom he spends a lot of time.

That’s why Sofia also visits frequently Ginebrawhere his daughter lives Cristina. The journey of Ginebra a Spain It is about two hours by plane, which is very convenient for Sofia. This easy movement is also beneficial for your sister. Irenewhose health is not the best. That’s right: when Juan Carlos It is located near Cristina in Ginebra, Sofia prefers to fly to Athens to be with her family, where she is always welcome.

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Zarzuela is now the second residence of Queen Sofia

So things are, Sofia only visits Operetta when he has some institutional commitment. There he stays in his official residence, avoiding staying in other places when he has his own house. His relationship with Joy is not the best, so she prefers to avoid any awkward encounters with the queen consort. In any case, while Felipe y Joy They are in charge of the monarchy in Spain, Sofia She remains a symbol of stability and dedication, often staying two hours away by plane, always ready to support her family and maintain her loyalty to the crown.

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