Marta Pombo and Luis Zamalloa, a weekend in Bizkaia with a wedding included

Saturday, July 6, 2024, 17:42

Marta Pombo and her husband, Luis Zamalloa from Vizcaya, often make trips to the Basque Country. The influencer often talks about the love she has for this land and how much she enjoys it every time she comes. This weekend the couple dropped by Lekeitio, where she says she had never been and “I couldn’t have liked it more,” she says on Instagram. The reason for the trip is none other than the wedding of some friends. For the event they stayed at the Hotel Zubieta.

However, as far as the weather is concerned, she is still a bit of a novice, and seeing the 35 degrees in Madrid, she packed her weekend suitcase with summer clothes “thinking I was going to Menorca, not the Basque Country, and this morning it was cool,” she says. Despite this detail, “we are in heaven,” she admits. After a few walks along the beach, Marta and ‘Zama’ ended the day “in the best possible way,” enjoying a good ice cream. Afterwards they spent the afternoon with the dentist’s group from Algorta.

This time, they were not accompanied by little Matilda, who will turn one in October and will become an older sister in a few months. The middle Pombo sister has a beautiful pregnant belly waiting for her twins, María and Candela. The couple waited until last May to reveal the sex of the babies with the intention of gathering the whole family first and then announcing it to their million followers.

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