This was Ricky Martin’s first public appearance

This was Ricky Martin’s first public appearance
This was Ricky Martin’s first public appearance

Although many remember the Puerto Rican Ricky Martin Since his participation in Slight forward, not everyone knows that, long before that, the singer I already knew what the entertainment world was like. It is no secret that, Martin has become an icon for pop music, During his many years of career, he has earned the respect of the industry.

In 1980, The Puerto Rican joined the ranks of the famous group Menudo, rising as one of the legends of this Puerto Rican phenomenon that achieved success with songs like “Get on my bike” and “Clarity”.

9 years later, the artist began his solo journey and “Fuego contra Fuego” and “El amor de mi vida” opened the doors to other markets. By 1991 he had already released his first self-titled album and from there he began to delight his fans with different projects. But… Did you know that before that he was already a celebrity?

His first job in the industry

We cannot deny that, Since he was little, Ricky has been a cutieso his physique has also helped him gain the support and affection of the fans. At 12 years old, He was already quite a heartthrob and using it to his advantage, he was able to qualify to be part of a commercial for the drink Orange Crush, although his intention was never to do so.

“My aunt was taking my cousin to an audition and the director saw me because I went with him”he said in an interview with Jimmy Fallón. In the audiovisual We see the singer receiving a bottle of sodawhich he was asked not to drink. However, he felt attracted to it and decided to hide to drink it. “I couldn’t resist,” was his response when asked about the drink.

It was from there that the interpreter of “Pégate” took a liking to the cameras and began to work towards his dreams, which he was able to fulfill as he developed in the artistic world.

Let’s remember that in 1999 she rose to the pinnacle of stardom thanks to “Livin’ la Vida Loca”, a song that traveled across all continents and opened many doors for her inside and outside her homeland. Today she has more than 17 million followers on Instagram and countless views on digital platforms.

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