The move that Fabián Cubero made after signing peace with Nicole Neumann

The move that Fabián Cubero made after signing peace with Nicole Neumann
The move that Fabián Cubero made after signing peace with Nicole Neumann

The legal drama between Fabian Cubero y Nicole Neumann It goes back a long way. Although they were together for a decade, even getting married and becoming parents to three girls – Indiana, Sienna and Allegra – they had been fighting a huge legal battle for eight years.

That breakup exposed how badly their relationship ended, with lawyers and lawsuits in the middle, not to mention the most affected by this whole story: their three daughters. However, these days it was revealed that this extensive legal battle came to an end, and that after so much time they managed to reach a judicial agreement.

Ángel de Brito had given the scoop last Thursday on LAM. “Fabián Cubero cancels the alimony debt”said the driver and also detailed that they agreed to lift the precautionary measures.“Aggravating manifestations are prohibited”he also added.

It was also determined that “reduction of alimony in favour of Cubero”recalling that the former Vélez defender stated on several occasions that he could not pay what was agreed and that two of the girls currently live with him (Indiana and Allegra), a detail that is not minor.

Among other points, the LAM driver “The debts of both parties are closed, all criminal cases that had been initiated are closed.” and the point of maintaining was also included “a broad communication regime, respecting the will of the minors.”

With relief on both sides for reaching this agreement, the particular moment they experienced was now revealed. Fabian Cubero and his current partner, Not Viciconte. And now with a weight less on his shoulders, the former footballer decided to take part in his youngest daughter Sienna’s school event.

Fabián Cubero and Mica Viciconte’s dance at Sienna’s school event.

It turns out that the girl, who coincidentally turned 10 a few days ago, participated in a school event where her parents also joined in. In this case, she could be seen Fabian Cubero next to Not Viciconte dancing to the rhythm of folklore, together with other children and adults.

It is worth noting that this event was held on July 9, the upcoming national holiday. And curiously, who was also present was Nicole Neumannthe girl’s mother, who showered Sienna with praise with a tender photo: “My favorite countrywoman. @cubero.chuni you rocked it!“, wrote the super proud model.

Nicole Neumann’s post, proud of her daughter Sienna.
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