Cazzu shows off her new tattoo after splitting up with Christian Nodal; what did she get done?

Julieta Cazzuchellibetter known as “Shit”, surprised his followers with a new tattoo on the back, less than two months after announcing his separation with Cristian Nodalwith whom she had her firstborn ‘Inti’.

The singer is known for presenting an urban style and a new one was added to her collection of tattoos on her skin, which was revealed by ‘tototatuer‘, a tattoo artist based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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Tototatuer, shared a Photography of the specimen on the back of ‘The boss‘, as well as a video showing the creation process, where the rapper can be heard making a slight moaning sound while raising her leg.

According to social media users, the design could be the initial part of a spidersince it is the hallmark that Shit used for his album ‘Trap Girl‘ in May 2022.

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However, some other netizens commented that the tattoo shows ““some horns”behind the “treason” that she suffered from the Mexican singer, who announced his new relationship with Angela Aguilar less than a month before separating.

“Those look like horns, why did he do that?”, “Those are the horns that Nodal gave him”, “He tattooed the horns”they noted.

The tattoo, in addition to surprising the followers with the design, managed to turn off the rumors who claimed that the Argentine singer I was expecting Nodal’s second childsince they indicated that “Pregnant women cannot get tattoos.”

“So here we confirm that she is not pregnant, because when she is pregnant she cannot get tattoos.”they commented.

Also, fans of ‘Trap Girl‘, they were shown “anxious” for the arrival of “his best stage”since they assure that he will return “with everything” to the stage, after months of being away.

Cazzucheli There was a pause in music since he announced his pregnancy And although he came out into the spotlight with his colleagues, he has not announced any new dates for his concerts or musical premieres.

After the controversy over the alleged infidelity she suffered at the hands of Nodal y Angela Aguilarthe rapper announced that she would be stepping away from social media, “detox” and avoid media exposure.

“I choose to stay away from social media for a bit to detox and focus on my baby, which is my priority, and on my work while everything calms down out there,” he pointed.

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