Yuri reiterates that Cristian Castro is not her friend and sends a message to Verónica Castro

The singer from Jarocha and queen of the 2024 Veracruz Carnival, Yuri, caused controversy after declaring that Cristian Castro is not one of her friends, and that she only considers him a co-worker.

And the statements of the Veracruz native were reacted by Verónica Castro, Cristian’s mother, to whom the interpreter of the blackout sent a message.

In an interview with Ventaneando, Yuri said that Verónica Castro was told the wrong story, and clarified that, although Cristian Castro is not her friend, that does not make him her enemy.

“I wanted to clarify, Vero, that in fact, me saying that your son is not my friend, does not mean that he is my enemy or that I dislike him… You know your son very well. They told you the wrong story,” she declared.

Yuri also confessed the affection and respect he feels for Verónica Castro and recognized the simplicity that has always characterized her.

“I love you very much and I respect you a lot. For me, you are a very special artist because you have always had the manners to greet me in the dressing rooms, like now when your son and I introduced ourselves, and you went with that simplicity that characterizes you,” added the singer from Veracruz.

Yuri also said that her relationship with Cristian Castro did not begin as a friendship because, she confessed, he told her that she was not a person who socialized a lot.

In addition, the singer from Veracruz gave details of how the singer of Azul gave orders that they should not meet before the performances.

“Cristian is not my friend because things didn’t work out… Cristian told me ‘I’m not a person who likes to socialize’, (I told him) ‘relax, nothing’s wrong’. I was going to look for him in the dressing room, let’s pray if you want or let’s see each other before the show and there was someone from his team who told me ‘no, the Lord doesn’t want you to go look for him, he doesn’t want you to get close. They’re going straight out’.”

Finally, Yuri reiterated that the singer is not her enemy and that she doesn’t dislike him either, proof of this is the tour they had together.

Source: Uno TV / Photo: Instagram / JAC

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