The great revelation of the Windsors

The great revelation of the Windsors
The great revelation of the Windsors

The Queen Isabel II He came to the throne almost by chance. Nobody expected that the heir, his uncle Edward VIIIwould give up the crown for love, but fate wanted her to only be at the head of the royal house for a few months and she ended up becoming heir while still just a child. Something similar has happened to Sofia of Edinburgh, the wife of Prince Edward, the younger brother of King Charles III.

The position in which one is born within a royal family marks a lot and everything seemed to indicate that the marriage formed by the ancients Earls of Wessex was going to be the eternal second fiddle. Who could have imagined everything that has happened to the Windsors in recent years? Because Sofia had a hard time placing herself in the eye of all the cameras. Before her husband are the children of Charles III, Princess Anne and Prince Andrew, with their respective families, but one by one they have been “falling”, either due to illness or controversy, leaving room for the Wessexes. On the sexual scandals of the Duke of York Prince Harry’s decision to distance himself from his family, due to the cancer suffered by both Charles III and the Princess of Wales, It seems as if fate had conspired in favor of Eduardo and Sofia.

The King’s Trust

Charles III led the way when he granted them the title of Dukes of Edinburgh, one of the most important titles in the family and which they held for decades. Elizabeth II’s husband and later Queen Camilla. The discretion with which they have lived since they got married in 1999 and the good work they have done in the missions The tasks entrusted to them have made them rise to the occasion and, in fact, Sofia is one of the most popular faces of the British royals. A few months ago she became the first member of the family to visited Ukraine. That was a delicate mission that the monarch entrusted to one of his most trusted people, and the truth is that she knew how to resolve it with great skill.

Confirmation of the importance that Sofia’s figure is taking In the royal house it was clearly observed during the visit made by the Emperors of Japan to London last month. We were able to see both Edward and Sofia parading in a prominent position in the family’s route to the Buckingham banqueting hall with the most prominent guests. They were in charge of closing the royal procession. And it was not only this detail that demonstrated the trust that Charles III has placed in them. Sofia herself had a prominent place at the presidential table. He sat next to the Emperor, just one chair away from the monarch himself, one of the most important places in the entire dining room: to give us an idea, he occupied the same chair as Camila during Felipe VI’s visit to Isabel II.

During that dinner, moreover, We saw her decked out in some of the British jeweller’s most notable pieces. In her case, she chose the lotus flower tiara, a creation by the Garrard house acquired by George VI in 1923 for his wife, the Queen Consort. It was one of the favourite tiaras of Elizabeth II’s mother and the one the Princess of Wales debuted with at her first state banquet. In fact, it was intended to be a tribute to Kate Middleton in this gesture, although it was also understood as a nod to the emperors of the country of the rising sun. She also accompanied it with a spectacular necklace that her mother-in-law was often seen wearing, thus filling her whole look with meaning and memory. She also wore a custom-made dress by the firm Suzannah London, of which she has been a client for some time and whose price exceeded 5,000 euros.

For Ascot she relied on the same designer and, of course, on Jane Taylor London, her usual milliner, who has been the most present note in the style of the Duchess of Edinburgh. In fact, the image of Prince Edward’s wife, who was initially accused of exactly the opposite, has gradually been defined.

[[H2:Embajadora del «made in UK»]]

We can usually see her in elegant and simple long and flowing dresses, contrary to the preference of Kate Middleton for very tight-fitting ones, and he is faithful to Taylor whenever he has to cover his head. His commitment to British fashion is not at odds with his taste for other brands, such as Prada, Zimmermann or Chloé, and if for a long time we have always seen him with his aquamarine tiara, it seems that From now on we will see her with much more special and significant pieces, which are a good example of her step forward.

During the reign of Elizabeth II, The Queen gave a very prominent position to Bridget of Gloucester, who used to appear alongside her. Now, it seems that Charles and Camilla have reserved that leading and prominent role for Sofia, and she, aware of the importance that this entails, is taking it very seriously. For now, the result seems to satisfy the King, who will have to decide what definitive functions he will grant to Sofia, once Kate Middleton returns and always at the expense of a possible return of Enrique, the prodigal son, with his wife Meghan Markle. But for now, it’s time for Sofia, the woman who once went more unnoticed. and who now stands as one of the few capable of bringing serenity to a family that has not had its best moments in recent years.

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