Leonor’s visit to Portugal, key for the country’s president

Leonor’s visit to Portugal, key for the country’s president
Leonor’s visit to Portugal, key for the country’s president


Princess Leonor will travel to Portugal in the next few days

His visit there will be key for the country’s president, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa.

The Princess of Asturias is expected to help the politician regain his popularity

Leonor The Princess of Asturias is a kind of Midas princess of our era. The Princess of Asturias turns everything she touches or whoever comes near her into gold, whether within or outside our borders. At least that is how she is seen in Portugal. The eldest daughter of the kings, Felipe VI and Letizia, is perhaps the most famous heiress in Europe at the moment and her popularity in Portugal is good proof of this. She will begin her first official trip abroad to the neighbouring country next Friday, 12 July, and the issue is not trivial. Both nations are united by the same territory, a common past and a history that the centuries have not managed to erase. However, beyond borders and good neighbourly relations, there is a compelling reason on the part of Portugal for this visit to take place. A political reason that concerns the current president of the republic, who benefits from this trip as much or more than Leonor de Borbon. LOOK tells you all the details.

Princess Leonor at the General General Assembly in Zaragoza. (Photo: Gtres)

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa has always been a very popular figure in Portugal. Even when he became President of the Republic, a position that has brought him more than a few turbulent times, he managed to stay afloat. However, the last few months have been a time of wear and tear for the veteran politician. Added to the country’s weak political situation, for which many Portuguese citizens partly blame him, a scandal of alleged influence peddling by his son, Nuno Rebelo de Sousa, has shaken the devotion that the Portuguese feel towards their current president.

According to reports, the president’s son, allegedly taking advantage of his position and influence, would have facilitated the treatment of two Brazilian twins affected by a rare disease, skipping all waiting lists, as well as the expensive financial cost. This situation has caused the relationship between father and son to explode into the air and Marcelo’s popularity, until now above 70%, has plummeted. The issue has been on the front pages and in the news for months. The erosion is more than evident. At this point, the Princess of Asturias and her visit come to the “rescue” of the president.

Princess Leonor at an event in Zaragoza. (Photo: Gtres)

The visit of Her Royal Highness Princess Leonor de Borbón has been welcomed by the majority of the Portuguese population, as well as the press and the political class. A good example of this is the gossip press, in which the Spanish royal family is, together with the British, the most popular, in prestigious newspapers such as the newspaper Express, morning mail or the digital one The Watcher. have dedicated notable articles to the “historic first visit of the Spanish princess to Portugal.” In the same vein, Paulo Portas, the country’s most influential political commentator and former deputy prime minister, highlighted the upcoming visit of Felipe VI’s daughter as one of the most relevant events of the week in his analysis program Global from the TVI network.

The historic leader of the Portuguese Popular Party said that the visit of the Princess of Asturias is good news for several reasons: one is historical. It is a tradition in both countries that both kings and prime ministers begin their official trips in Portugal. Two, because Marcelo scores a point by being the one to issue the invitation to the heir to the Spanish crown, who is gaining more and more responsibility and popularity” and that with this visit the president is once again “on the street” for good reasons. The analysis in the program goes in the same direction. Night of the Stars from the CMTV network, which comes to say that “the president benefits from Leonor’s company so that we do not forget that it is in the street and outside of the political debate where Marcelo moves like a fish in water and will make us forget a little about his outbursts and the problem that his son “is damaging to his public image.”

Princess Leonor at an event in Zaragoza. (Photo: Gtres)

The visit to Lisbon on July 12 will be another test in the path of the Princess of Asturias as heir to the throne of Spain, which she will surely pass with flying colors. The close relationship between both countries makes this occasion a golden opportunity to make Leonor even better known outside of Spanish borders. The fact that the relationship between the current President of the Republic and the current King and Queen is so close will also help Leonor feel at home, but there is more at stake on this trip than it seems at first glance. The crowned heads may not be involved in politics, but the presidents are. Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa knows this well.

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