Nito Artaza and Miguel Ángel Cherutti celebrate their 30 years of friendship with “Toy Sin Plata”

Nito Artaza and Miguel Ángel Cherutti celebrate their 30 years of friendship with “Toy Sin Plata”
Nito Artaza and Miguel Ángel Cherutti celebrate their 30 years of friendship with “Toy Sin Plata”

This Monday 8th Its Artaza and Miguel Angel Cherutti They return to the boards with Toy without moneya music hall that combines fun, tango and folklore, with production by Giuliano Bacchi and Artaza. In this way, the artists will celebrate 30 years of their first show together on Corrientes Street.

With a cast made up of Adriana Brodsky, Tamara Bella, Romina Uhrig, Belén Di Giorgio and Flor Jhazz, the play will seek to celebrate the humor of revue theater. It will also feature a performance by the group Pampas Bravas.

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In dialogue with TN ShowNito Artaza and Miguel Ángel Cherutti talked about their beginnings in the theatre, the importance of friendship in the society they created and the current state of theatre and humour.

-How does it feel to return to Corrientes Street?

Miguel Angel Cherutti: -Returning to Corrientes Street after such a successful tour is a great joy for us. And also to a theater like the Astral, which gave us a lot of satisfaction. Returning to Corrientes Street is very important and with a show that is very fun. Toy without moneywhich is a great title from Nito that made me die of laughter when he showed it to me. There will be music, sketches, dancing, imitations and a group that will kill it, the Pampas Bravas.

By Artaza: -And we’re back with a great cast: Adriana Brodsky, Tamara Bella, Romina Uhrig, Belén de Georgio and Flor Marcasoli. And produced by Giuliano Bacchi.

-Is this new release a way to celebrate 30 years of friendship?

MAC: -For me it’s celebrating thirty years with Nito since that first show we did together called “The Beautiful and the Beasts.” A wonderful show. That’s how our marriage started.

-What is the key to this marriage lasting three decades?

MAC: -In our case, I think I became a bit of his defender, the feminine part. I put up with so many things (laughter). There was a minor divorce at one point, but we later remarried. I think the key is a bit of camaraderie.The friendship we have is real. Also because we have a good time, we have fun with our personal things, with jokes and anecdotes… That’s why we’re together, there’s a very special chemistry, there’s no ego here. I have a lot of fun with him, he gives me advice on what I have to do and I try to give him the same advice. There is a very important communion and union.

THAT: -Also, well, it was the marriage that lasted the longest for both of us (laughter). In this case I think we also think the same, for us Making people laugh is the best profession in the worldWe love to see how the public has fun with a show where there is music, where there is a monologue, where there is a lot of current events, where the girls shine…

Nito and Cherutti will be alongside Adriana Brodsky, Tamara Bella, Romina Uhrig, Belén de Georgio and Flor Marcasoli in “Toy sin plata” (Photo: IRISH SUAREZ Press)

-Talking a little about cancellation… We are in a time where it is very easy to be “cancelled”. Being exponents of revue theatre, did you take into account the current times when producing the show and writing the script?

THAT: -We have been looking after the genre since the 90s. We know that jokes have changed the culture of entertainment for the better today.

MAC: -I think we always maintained a line in the nineties in which we always took great care of ourselves and also of the cast and the figures who accompanied us, who were not only male and female dancers, but also Moria Casán, Isabel Sarli, Graciela Borges, Daniela Cardone, Raquel Mancini, Ingrid Grudke, Nicole Neumann…

THAT: -And we always made sure that the person on stage was not objectified. They had to dance, sing, do acrobatics… We were a bit innovative in that regard.

“Toy sin plata” premieres this Monday (Photo: Press)

MAC: -With regard to the book and the script, we have always respected and been generous with the figures we have chosen, seeking a nice, healthy sense of humour, not that of a super-traditional magazine. But we also have to say things: the jokes are not the same because the times change. In our case we never use women as an object.that’s why the public accompanies us.

-Do you feel that your audience has changed a lot?

THAT: -We have a diverse audience, perhaps a little older. But there are also young people who tell us that they grew up in Mar del Plata, that their parents or grandparents took them to see us and they also accompany us. And We know our audience and we give them joy, current events, fun, nostalgia, lots of music and lots of emotion..

-You were talking about the figures that have accompanied you in these years, from Nicole Neumann to Raquel Mancini. Is there any figure you would like to work with and any you would not call again?

THAT: -First we start with the last one: we want to work with all of them again. We had thought about calling together one day all the figures who have worked with us. We were left a bit hanging. Mirtha Legrand and Susana Gimenez. At the time I went to Susana’s program and we brought her a check in advance, it was another time, but in the end it wasn’t possible. And with Mirtha we even had the title, it was going to be called Hello Mirthabut in the end it was not done either.

-They also talked about the economy. What is it like to produce in an economic context that is not the best for theatre?

MAC: -At this moment I think that on Corrientes Street, from what I see when we go to rehearse at the Astral, there is a lot of billboards. Lots of LED screens with lots of spectators, lots of plays. I think there is a possibility in prices, there is a popular price and then there is the issue of credit cards. There is something positive for the theater. Then the economic part has to be accepted and we cannot be oblivious to that either. That’s why Nito and I take great care with the price of the ticket.

THAT: -Buenos Aires must be one of the cities with the most shows and the most theaters. The cultural industry generates thousands of jobs, more than 800 thousand jobs. So we have to take great care of it.

Miguel Ángel Cherutti and Nito Artaza return to the theatre (Photo: Lele Heredia / TN)

-What do you think you give to the Argentine public and what do you feel they give back to you?

MAC: – From my side and Nito’s, I think we give it the essence of a very Argentine, very healthy humor, with what they both want to see and hear, because since 1993, 1994 we were on stage. Many decades have passed, many generations and Doña Rosa, as I say, always expects a bit of that essence, a bit of the classic, a bit of the new, a bit of nostalgia… When we go on stage, especially indoors, we can see people’s eyes, you can tell they admire you..

THAT: -There is one thing we always say: From above the stage we see them laugh and fill their souls with joyI think that is the meaning of our life on stage, to fill the soul of the audience with joy, which is generally a somewhat older audience. And we always hope to convince a slightly younger audience, which is always a challenge for any classical artist like us.

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