Dulceida, Sandra Barneda, Nebulossa…Find out how celebrities celebrated Madrid Pride 2024

Dulceida, Sandra Barneda, Nebulossa…Find out how celebrities celebrated Madrid Pride 2024
Dulceida, Sandra Barneda, Nebulossa…Find out how celebrities celebrated Madrid Pride 2024

Spain is colorful during the month of July and Saturday was one of the strong days of LGTBIQ+ Pride, so Many celebrities took to the streets of Madrid to wave rainbow flags and to claim their fight for the rights of this group.


Dulceida It is one of the most representative faces ofthe LGTBIQ+ movement and did not want to miss the MADO 2024 paradewhich he attended with his wife, Alba Paul, with whom he is expecting a child. “It’s the first pride with the baby, for now I’m doing great, I’ll see if I have to leave halfway through,” he declared to the microphones.

Sandra Barneda

The presenter also attended this event. “Today is a day to go out and support diversity. To see that the world continues to change in terms of rights,” she said during the parade. Previously, Sandra Barneda She had already acknowledged how difficult it was for her to reveal her sexual orientation and on July 2 she published a video in which she appeared alongside photographs of herself from several years ago. Barneda was speaking to her past self.“It’s amazing to have met you. You were full of fears, insecurities, you were not clear about your sexual identity. Here you were looking at the foot of the rocks of Formentera thinking, “Will I be able to be happy? Will I be able to express that I like women?”he transmitted to his more adolescent version.

“Well, I have to tell you that yes, you did it and you did it very well. You did it in your own time, not when people wanted,” she added about the moment when she decided to make public that she had a girlfriend, which was in 2014, live on the program ‘Hable con ellas’.

In Nebula

Mary and Mark were other star guests and together with Eurovision winner Nemo Nettler, they headed the RTVE float with Eurovision winner Nemo. “I’m still surprised by the affection that the group gives us”declared an overwhelmed Mery a few days ago to Shangay magazine. Mark also expressed the support they have in the LGTBIQ+ community: “Our success is transversal, it is very strong,” he added.

“The Javis”

Javier Ambrossi and Javier Calvo, known for their audiovisual career as “The Javis”are some of the permanent faces of the Madrid Pride demonstration every year. The creators of ‘La Mesías’ and ‘Paquita Sales’ returned this year on their own floatorganized by the production company they have in common, Suma Content, in which they enjoyed themselves with their friends and colleagues.

These were some of the main faces that could be seen at one of the most emblematic fashion shows in Madrid. Some celebrities, such as Shakira, have also expressed a message of support for the LGTBIQ+ sector. “Hope everyone had the best Pride Month ever! Always supporting equality, freedom of love and friendship,” the singer posted on Instagram a few days ago.

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