Clint Eastwood has only argued once with an actor on set

Clint Eastwood has only argued once with an actor on set
Clint Eastwood has only argued once with an actor on set

Clint Eastwood has directed dozens of films, but he’d never had a run-in on set until an Oscar-winning actor put him to the test.

Clint Eastwood began making films in the mid-1950s as an actor, and directed his first film in the early 1970s. Since then he has appeared in the credits of dozens of productions, and has collaborated with all kinds of people both in front of and behind the camera.

But there is one in particular with which Clint Eastwood had a run-in. It was with an actor when I was directing the film A perfect world (1993), the only actor with whom he has never argued.

Jack GreenClint Eastwood’s regular cinematographer, explained a few years ago that the filmmaker never raised his voice on the set, that he had never fought with anyone, nor No one had challenged him except Kevin Costner.

Kevin Costner is the only actor Clint Eastwood has ever had a falling out with

When it was released A perfect world a 1993, Kevin Costner He was at the height of his career, having starred in films such as: The bodyguard (1992), JFK: Open Case (1991), Dancing with Wolves (1990), o The Untouchables by Eliot Ness (1987).

During the filming of A perfect world, Clint Eastwood He asked them to go look for Kevin Costner to his dressing room to go film a scene, but the actor was not ready yet and the director asked for the actor’s double to be brought in his place.

When Kevin Costner finally showed up on the set, where his stunt double was walking around the countryside, Clint Eastwood ignored him: “It doesn’t matter. We move on.“, but the Oscar-winning actor did not take the replacement well at all.

Kevin Costner had a heated argument with Clint Eastwood for daring to replace him with his double, but the filmmaker did not care about his words: he had to make the film, his actor was not ready and his double was, so he went ahead with the production and was not going to waste time for the pride of his protagonist.

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