Hiba Abouk’s inner circle, very forceful with Álvaro Muñoz Escassi: “The perfect excuse”

Hiba Abouk’s inner circle, very forceful with Álvaro Muñoz Escassi: “The perfect excuse”
Hiba Abouk’s inner circle, very forceful with Álvaro Muñoz Escassi: “The perfect excuse”

In recent weeks, the relationship between Hiba Abouk (37) y Alvaro Muñoz Escassi (49) has been the subject of much speculation. It all started when the actress of ‘El Príncipe’ and the rider were seen in close proximity during the party organized by ‘El Turronero’ to celebrate his granddaughter’s communion.

In the face of the media uproar, Escassi decided to clarify the situation on the Telecinco programme ‘TardeAR’: “I have no relationship with Hiba. She is a wonderful woman who I met through ‘Masterchef’. I have a fantastic friendship with her and we get along very well. I have nothing to do with her, honestly.” This version was confirmed by the actress herself: “There is no relationship. There is a friendship as he has said. Everything is as clear as water. There is absolutely nothing and that’s it“.

The first photo of Álvaro Muñoz Escassi and Hiba Abouk.


In the midst of this controversy, Pelayo Díaz, a close friend of Hiba, commented on the program ‘D Corazón’ about the difficult situation that María José Suárez is going through after Escassi’s statements about her open relationship. The fashion designer expressed his support for Suárez: “I think that for Álvaro to have said that he had an open relationship, it must be that he said it very quietly and the other person didn’t hear it. It makes me sad because María José is a divine girl and they were surely not on the same page.”

Pelayo Díaz also weighed in on the impact of the rumors on Hiba Abouk, suggesting that the actress could have been used as an excuse to divert attention from Escassi’s true situation: “I will not broadcast what Hiba told me, but I think she may have been the perfect excuse to try to cover up what was really happening and that Hiba found herself in this trap.”

Pelayo Diaz, in ‘Deluxe Friday’

Telecinco Capture

Furthermore, Díaz clarified that Hiba’s presence at the ‘El Turronero’ party had nothing to do with Escassi: “It is sufficiently relevant. And when it was said that she had breakfast with him, yes, with him and ten other people.” She also highlighted Hiba’s discretion in personal matters: “Hiba did not like at all to find herself surrounded by this controversy“He is a very discreet person in this regard and I am sure that he did not like being the protagonist of this story at all.”

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