Isabel Preysler talks about Tamara Falcó’s pregnancy and her new love

Isabel Preysler talks about Tamara Falcó’s pregnancy and her new love
Isabel Preysler talks about Tamara Falcó’s pregnancy and her new love

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Isabel Preysler at the premiere of ‘Napoleon’E. P.

A few days ago, the latest Hollywood blockbuster, ‘Napoléon’, was released in Madrid. It was directed by Ridley Scott and starring Joaquin Phoenix, who travelled to our country to attend the premiere of his most ambitious film at the Prado Museum. A date that many celebrities from the national scene did not want to miss, among which was Isabel Preysler, dazzling in a tight black suit and a nude-coloured plunging neckline top.

An appearance that coincided with her daughter’s 42nd birthday Tamara Falco although, as she explained with a big smile, on this occasion they have not been able to celebrate together because the Marchioness of Griñón – as she shared on social media – is travelling to the United Kingdom with Ínigo Onieva, and that is where she blew out the candles accompanied only by her brand new husband.

“Tamara is not in Madrid. He is celebrating it in London, otherwise I would not have come even though I really like cinema.“Isabel told us, without hiding the fact that she missed her daughter on such a special day, “although I understand that she is celebrating it there.”

“She is totally happy and when I see my daughter happy, as you can understand.…” she confessed, revealing the great moment that Tamara and Íñigo’s marriage is going through, who as she admits could not be more in love 4 months after their wedding: “They couldn’t be doing better, now of course, we’re at the beginning.”

“Absolutely,” she said when we asked her if she would give her blessing to the couple now that they are leaving their house in Puerta de Hierro – where they settled after their wedding – to start a new life in the penthouse that her daughter bought a few metres from her house.

A new stage in which the couple is focused on expanding the family and, as Isabel reveals, She is “looking forward” to Tamara making her a grandmother again; although as he has stated, and despite the rumors that have circulated in recent days, “She is not yet” pregnant. “It is totally false” she concluded..

Considering the plot of the film, which is based in part on the love story of Napoleon Bonaparte and Josephine, the socialite has not hesitated to joke that about to complete a year of her breakup with Mario Vargas Llosa – to whom he has assured that “of course” he wishes him the best – “there is no Napoleon” in his life. And does he want to fall in love and rebuild his love life? As she confesses, none because being single “I’m doing very well”.

With one month to go until Christmas – her favourite holiday of the year – Isabel still doesn’t know what she’ll be doing this year, although she is sure that she’ll be spending these holidays “with her family” and “possibly” in Miami, where she’ll be able to enjoy her children Chabeli, Enrique and Julio José, and her grandchildren, the ones responsible for the big smile she’s been sporting in her latest appearances.

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