Magaly Medina lashes out at Luciana Fuster for criticizing the press: “The weight of the crown affected her neurons”

Magaly Medina lashes out at Luciana Fuster for criticizing the press: “The weight of the crown affected her neurons”
Magaly Medina lashes out at Luciana Fuster for criticizing the press: “The weight of the crown affected her neurons”

Magaly Medina She did not remain silent and showed her annoyance against the model and influencer Luciana Fuster, who last weekend attacked the program America Hoy for a rumor that they spoke about her. It was the host Janet Barboza who mentioned that the Miss Grand International had a new beau and that would have been the reason why she ended her relationship with Patricio Parodi.

For this reason, through her Instagram stories, the model shared a message in which she showed her total annoyance with attitudes like this. “They are a disgrace to the program ‘America Today’. It is regrettable and horrible that they have to continue living off of lies and defamation. How sad that pageant followers, missologists, photographers, among others… from other countries, begin to distance themselves from the Peruvian queens because of this type of nonsense,” she mentioned at the beginning.

After that, she asked them to apologize to her soon. “I hope that just as they invent and defame so happily, they have the courage and decency to apologize to me and to the people they implicate without any reason or motive,” she concluded.

Luciana Fuster lashes out at ‘America Today’.

On this, the popular ‘Magpie’ She did not remain silent and pointed out that the América Hoy program usually has this style. “In América Hoy, they put information that occurs to them, without having properly corroborated it, without the evidence in hand, they do not just speak because it occurs to them, because that is how they are. Nobody is going to say anything to them because they are irresponsible,” she mentioned at the beginning.

However, she lashed out at Luciana and made it clear that our country does not stand out for its representatives in beauty pageants and that what she has achieved does not apply to Peruvian queens. “Don’t exaggerate because it’s not like we are like Venezuela here, which was once a breeding ground for beauty queens, either. Just because you have reached Miss Grand and are doing very well there, doesn’t mean that we win a Miss Universe or Miss World pageant here every year, hold on to your car, mommy,” she added.

She stressed that the model has been part of a media program and knows perfectly how these issues are handled on television. She even hinted that winning this contest has made her change her mind.

Magaly Medina lashes out at Luciana Fuster.

“I don’t understand why there’s so much offense. What’s the point of the offense? That’s what they’ve said. You have to take it from who it comes from. She has worked for years on the most popular show in this country, Esto es Guerra, where romances are created, they live off stories. It’s a reality show about love, about heartbreak, about flirting with each other, about one person stealing the other person’s boyfriend. They’ve lived off that all their lives. Now I don’t know why she is surprised or the fact that he has a crown and has gotten all worked up in Thailand “They made her become too sensitive with the comments on a program,” Medina added energetically.

In another Instagram story, Luciana Fuster wrote a short message asking that entertainment programs should regulate their content. “It is time for someone to regulate this type of content in Peru. Every year it goes from bad to worse,” she said.

Magaly Medina lashes out at Luciana Fuster.

This message was not well received by the ATV driver and she reminded him again where he came from in Peruvian televisionso he asked him to get used to these issues.

“There, hold on to your car, Lucianita. If you are upset with ‘Pato’, if you feel frustrated, it is not our fault, grab your goats and go back where you came from. (…) That it is time for someone to regulate, a person who has lived, eaten, and sucked on a program like Esto es Guerra who comes to say and question that we regulate the content on television. I may strongly disagree with the dead flies of America Hoy, totally disagree, but I think that we regulate the content,” he commented in this regard.

Finally, she mentioned that the former reality show girl just has to accept this type of situation, because that is why she decided to expose herself to national television. “Now this little girl, what has gotten into her head? All these little girls seem to have their neurons affected by the weight of the crown, we know that. We are not going to expect her to think well, that is why she was on a reality show, otherwise she would be working at NASA. You just put up with it, that is why you are in the media, you have to put up with the good and the bad that is said about you, the black legends will always be there,” she concluded.

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