Stéphanie of Monaco breaks down at a tribute to her charity work

Stéphanie of Monaco breaks down at a tribute to her charity work
Stéphanie of Monaco breaks down at a tribute to her charity work

Princess Stephanie of Monaco has been honoured in the small principality in recognition of the work of the sovereign prince Albert’s younger sister in recent years, in which she has sought a place and a meaning in her revived performances. The princess, who is 59 years old, This weekend, Stéphanie of Monaco celebrated the 20th anniversary of the foundation that cares for AIDS sufferers in this country, Fight Aids Monaco. At the charity dinner in support of this organization, Stéphanie of Monaco received an unexpected tribute that moved her greatly. She was shocked and broke down in tears at feeling so loved by the board of directors of this organization. His health status is causing concernHer brother was also present at the event, but her sister-in-law Charlene was absent, while speculation about the couple’s breakup is growing.

Stephanie of Monaco was not dressed to the nines on this occasion, as it was a themed party where she could go casual. The princess wore a purple T-shirt, sported glasses and a casual hairstyle, which made it difficult to recognise her in the photographs. Next to the honoree was her youngest daughterCamille Gottlieb, took part in this exciting recognition of Fight Aids Monaco, in which the interpretation of the entity’s anthem extended the tears of the youngest daughter of the remembered Grace Kelly and who was in the vehicle that was involved in her fatal accident in 1982.

Sabrina Salerno, the idol remembered in Spain at the end of the 80s for her performance on New Year’s Eve in 87 and who recently appeared on the dance programme on RTVE, on La 1, Baila como puedes, performed at this event.

This gala marks the opening of the summer celebrations in Monaco, a place that aims to continue with its former glamour, although without the significance of other times, just as it happened with the princess herself, who was queen of the covers, with her sentimental comings and goings, between the 80s and 90s.

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