the reasons for the alleged estrangement

the reasons for the alleged estrangement
the reasons for the alleged estrangement

Residente has reportedly lost confidence in Soledad Fandiño, his ex-partner and mother of his son Milo.

The disagreement between the Puerto Rican singer and the Argentine actress is said to have occurred over the value of a property in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires that he bought for her to share with the child.

The tension in question was revealed by Paula Varela on Socios del Espectáculo. “I was told that the apartment that Soledad has in Buenos Aires was bought by René, she lives there with their son and she allegedly told him that it cost 750 thousand dollars,” said the panelist.

“It turns out that she now wants to return to live in Miami in a mediocre hotel, according to what I was told, and René told her to sell the one in Argentina,” he added before going to the epicenter of the alleged conflict.

“It’s not like they valued his apartment in Buenos Aires for 500 thousand dollars and told him that the apartment was always worth that,” Varela revealed, to which his partner Mariana Brey reacted with a question: “Did she keep the change? No… I think the property has gone down.”

“Properties are now worth less in Argentina,” said Nancy Duré.

“He found out now, it seems that he got angry and he no longer has financial confidence, yes, everything is fine with her and the child…”, Varela concluded.

Residente has just released his album The letters don’t matter anymorewhich consists of 23 songs ranging from ballads to Cuban son, classical and experimental music.

“It’s not that I haven’t worked freely before, but I always tried to maintain a balance with the idea that I wanted to be accessible to everyone,” Residente admitted some time ago in an interview with AP.

“And I think that now I’m going to forget about that and I’m going to think more about myself, as an artist what I would love to do is go as high as I can. It’s a very important album because it’s marking a transition, I always have albums that mark transitions in my career,” he concluded about the work that has as guests Christian Nodal, Rauw Alejandro, Silvia Pérez Cruz, Arcángel and Wos.

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