Keanu Reeves’ holidays in Menorca

Keanu Reeves’ holidays in Menorca
Keanu Reeves’ holidays in Menorca

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Keanu Reeves during his holidays in MenorcaIt’s Bruc

Las Balearic Islands are one of the main holiday destinations for celebrities. And we are not just talking about the national ones, but many international celebrities choose the Mediterranean archipelago to spend a few days of rest. Of course, what we usually see are grandes yates with those who anchor on the high seas or spectacular villas with stunning views of the coast. And then there is the case of Keanu Reeves.

Keanu Reeves: “Being an actor has made me a better person”

Just a few weeks ago the ‘Matrix’ actor stopped by Spain when he appeared with his Dogstar band to give a concert in Barcelona surprising the attendees Primavera Sound. This weekend he was also seen at the German MotoGP Grand Prix to enjoy the race and the speed, although I had just spent a few days rest in Menorca which did not go unnoticed by the island’s inhabitants who saw him as just another tourist.

Holidays in Menorca

Keanu Reeves doesn’t have social media, so he has always kept his private life as far away from the spotlight as possible, only giving the details he wanted. However, his days off in the Balearic Islands have been a real surprise for many of the locals who have not hesitated to take more than one photo with the Hollywood star and have allowed us to get to know a little about him. How did you spend your holidays? in Menorca.

Away from the most obvious luxury, Reeves has been seen Walking around the island like any other tourist with his swimsuit, flip-flops and straw hat to blend in with the environment and, at the same time, protect himself from the sun.

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One of the places where the actor ate was in It’s Bruca very famous beach bar in Menorca located on the beach of Sant Adeodato, specialising, of course, in fish. There he enjoyed a good meal with his partner, Alexandra Grantwith whom he has spent these relaxing days on the island.

One more tourist

There, both Reeves and Grant did not hesitate to take photos with some of the beach bar staff and with some of the diners who recognized the performer at the next table.

Although not expressly by him, it is known that was in Mahónas he was photographed with the workers of a supermarket in the island’s capital where he had gone to do some shopping. Although little else is known about his holiday in Menorca, what is clear is that he enjoyed it and, far from the great luxuries, he likes to be just another tourist in the places he visits.

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