Racist attack in Los Angeles? Selena and Jenni Rivera’s stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame vandalized

Racist attack in Los Angeles? Selena and Jenni Rivera’s stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame vandalized
Racist attack in Los Angeles? Selena and Jenni Rivera’s stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame vandalized

Fans and family members of Selena and Jenni Rivera were affected by the attack on each other’s stars in the Hollywood walk of fame, And although those responsible have not been arrested, theories are beginning to emerge as to whether it was a racist act against the regional Mexican singers.

The legacy of Mexican musical culture in the United States has been one of the main markets and areas of entertainment for years. important with legends like stars mentioned, because even the public that does not consume their music at least knows the name and history of the singers well.

It was thanks to some fans of the ‘Diva de la Banda’ that the damage to the stars became known, that, although they are already being cleaned and repaired, it hurt in the memory of the singers.


The news began to make noise on social networks and that is how the news reached the family of the ‘Diva of the Band’. In fact, Jaquie Rivera, one of Jenni’s heirs and daughters, was the one who said on her Instagram stories that she was “upset” but excited by the fans’ gesture.

“I was upset, angry, But the fans who were there sent me photos and videos of themselves and they started cleaning the stars,” the businesswoman’s daughter began to say.

“Not only was she my mom’s star,“The house, which was vandalized, including Selena’s, was cleaned as best they could. They already sent those in charge of taking care of and assigning the stars, they are already cleaning it professionally,” said Chiquis Rivera’s younger sister.


“This morning fans reported that Jenni Rivera’s star has been vandalized. This is unacceptable!”, the Hollywood Walk of Fame organization said in a message on Twitter.

The incident was reported by the singer’s followers. Mexican-American, who shared a video showing at least two people trying to remove the paint residue with cleaning products and wet wipes.

“I’m making this video to let you know, I can get mad at what you did, but I’m going to focus on the good, on the fans who took the time to listen to me.”to cleanse my mother’s star, I want to cry because I feel so beautiful, they don’t have to, but they love her so much and take it as if it were theirs too,” Jaquie replied in the series of videos uploaded to her account.

“With all my heart, thank you very much for loving her so much, we are going to focus on the good and the rest God takes care of the rest. I love them very much and it hurts them that they are succeeding, not only my mother but all women,” said Jenni’s heiress.


As of Monday afternoon, none of the members of the Quintanilla family had spoken out about the attack on the star of the ‘Reyna del Tex-mex’.

In the last post on Selena’s official account, only the closure of the Selena Museum, due to the inclement weather conditions where it is located.


Likewise in an Instagram post The Walk Committee of Fame, announced that they would be after those responsible, since there are cameras around the attacked stars.

“Thanks to the fans who tried to clean up the star and reported. Note, There are cameras everywhere! the post warns its 130,000 followers.

In Social networks are speculating on whether it is a racist act, because no other American entertainment stars were attacked. (With information from EFE)

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