Tatiana achieved a record that no one has in Mexico

Tatiana achieved a record that no one has in Mexico
Tatiana achieved a record that no one has in Mexico

Tatiana, ‘the Queen of Children’, He has become an iconic figure in Mexican entertainment, achieving what no other artist in our country has been able to. On YouTube, his hit “I don’t want to take a bath”, which launched 8 years ago, has been around for over 1,208 million viewsThis, despite the fact that today’s children listen to other types of music, not suitable for their age, such as reggaeton and corridos tumbados.

The singer has 40 years of career, almost 30 as a children’s singer, and has just joined the ranks of Bobo Productions. With the company he has big plans, one of them, a Christmas concert on December 22 at the CDMX Arena.

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Tatiana told us how she has managed to remain popular with the public despite new trends.

“Many of my ‘Tatifans’ are already parents and they bring the second or even third generation to the concerts. People identify with me because they tell me that I feel authentic and that it is obvious that I do things with my heart. And it is real. I never thought about the bank account, but about Bringing the best quality to children”.

“Children are not to blame for much of the music they hear today. Parents, who do not have time to take care of what they listen to, are the ones who They should be told what things are not for their age.Now children have everything within reach of their cell phone or tablet. Parents should not make them adults before their time. Not because they find it funny that they sing a somewhat daring song, they promote it, and they lose the beautiful and innocent side of childhood.”

To have a touch of current events, Tatiana recorded reggaeton for children: “The rhythm is not to blame. It invites you to dance. What is not good are the lyrics. I also made a regional Mexican ballad, but with a nice story. You have to stay current and renew yourself, but with care.”

He told us that She doesn’t think about stopping being ‘the Queen of children’“I will continue as long as the public goes to my shows or consumes the content I make.”

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At 55, Tatiana looks radiant. This is their secret:

“Since I was 13, my mother told me that I should use sunscreen to take care of my skin. I do all the facials possible, radio frequencies. Yes indeed, Botox no “Because I gesticulate a lot and when you get dressed you can’t move your eyebrows. I prefer it that way, so that everything can be seen. And I wouldn’t have any plastic surgery. I come from a family with good genetics.”

Finally, he gave some details of the presentation he is preparing for the end of the year: “In that show we are going to make snow fall all over the CDMX Arena and I am going to fly with Santa Claus in his sleigh. I have been told that I am the Mexican Mariah Carey because I am the one who sings the most Christmas songs (laughs).”

Tickets for the show Christmas with Tatiana, this coming December 22nd, are now on sale at Superbills

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Tatiana has been singing for children since 1995

  • The singer began her career in 1983, at the age of 15, winning several talent contests. A year later she released her first album, Tatiana.
  • In 1995 she began her career as a children’s singer.
  • In 1997 she dubbed “Megara” in Hércules. That year she started her own television show, ‘El espacio de Tatiana’, which ended in 2001.
  • In 2004 she participated in the soap opera ‘Amy, the girl with the blue backpack’.
  • In 2012 she returned to TV with ‘El show de Tatiana’.
  • In 2022 she was the presenter of MasterChef Mexico.
  • She has 10 pop albums and 17 children’s albums.

Here you can listen to “I don’t want to bathe” by Tatiana,
which has more than 1,208 million views on YouTube since its premiere in 2016.

Instagram: @oficial.tatiana

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