Danna generates controversy and assures that she is against cosmetic adjustments

Danna generates controversy and assures that she is against cosmetic adjustments
Danna generates controversy and assures that she is against cosmetic adjustments

Singer Danna is involved in a new controversy because she appeared on Vicky Martín’s podcast, where she talked about her vision of beauty.

The actress was asked about her opinion on cosmetic surgery, specifically fillers, also known as facial fillers, which some celebrities have had done to change their physical appearance.

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Danna Paola shares a photo with an Argentina jersey / Instagram: @danna

Danna doesn’t like cosmetic adjustments?

In this talk, the interpreter of ‘Mala fama’ directly addressed the subject of facial fillers and assured that this type of procedure scares her a lot.

“Let’s see who looks better, who has a better body. Oh, who has a better face, what if I inject my lips? I’m very much against it. I want to age with my face. I’m very scared of the whole filler thing.”


The host then asked Danna how she sees herself in the mirror. The singer said that, despite the frequent pressure she has for her appearance, she considers herself a self-confident woman.

“I have always had a pressure and a discipline for perfection that I think has to do with these traumas of being in this since I was so young. The ‘you have to be like this’ and behave in a certain way and not talk in this way and ‘you look prettier when you keep quiet’. It really made sense to look in the mirror today and see the woman I have become. Today I am very proud, more fulfilled and confident in myself.”


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Users on social networks criticize Danna

After this fragment of the interview went viral, Internet users harshly criticized the Mexican singer, since, according to them, Danna has undergone several physical changes in her face.

“Well yes, she already had surgery on her face.”, “It’s too late for this philosophy, Danna.”, “She’s someone else in Elite.”, “Her reality is very altered.”, “Didn’t she have surgery on her nose?”, “Her nose, teeth, foxy eyes, lips, but she says it’s natural.”, “Her chin too.”

It should be noted that it is unknown whether the singer has had any cosmetic work done, since, at almost 30 years old, Danna has never confirmed having had anything done to her face.

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