Maria Jose Suarez takes a decisive step forward against Alvaro Muñoz Escassi

Maria Jose Suarez takes a decisive step forward against Alvaro Muñoz Escassi
Maria Jose Suarez takes a decisive step forward against Alvaro Muñoz Escassi

MJose Suarez Aryan (49 years old) has had enough. She can’t take it anymore. The model, who until now has hardly spoken about the latest controversies with Álvaro Muñoz Escassi (50 years old) and had preferred to remain in the background, will take a big step forward to end any doubts about her relationship with the former ‘MasterChef Celebrity’ contestant, with whom she had a love story for 3 years.

Having made it clear that she never had an open relationship with Escassi and that she found out directly that they had been in crisis on several occasions (this is how he has justified his infidelities), Maria Jose has made a firm decision. Tired of lies and afraid that a file that Valerín has, the third in discord in this love trio, will come to light, The presenter has also decided to go to a television studio to tell the truth.

Maria Jose Suarez will sit on the set of ‘Friday!’ this June 12“, announced Beatriz Archidona, presenter of the Telecinco programme, on ‘TardeAR’. An announcement that comes just a few hours after the model had said that she was not going to say anything about what happened, although it seems that she has finally realised that she cannot let it go.

In the interview, María José will face all the questions that have been left unanswered, but she will also answer everything that Álvaro told the program’s collaborators last week. The model has felt betrayed because she has never been with another man while she was with Escassi and of course she denies that they could sleep with other people. She is going to tell her truth.María José is very upset because she believes that what Escassi did yesterday is to whitewash the infidelity. He blamed her because he came to say that they were no longer very close, that things had cooled down, that it was an on-and-off relationship… She insists that in these three years they have only had a 10-day break when she discovered on the day in question that he was lying to her,” said Luis Pliego, director of Lecturas.

The next step of Maria Jose Suarez

In addition to going to a television studio (something unheard of for María José, who does not usually talk about her private life), the model wanted Álvaro’s alleged lies not to go unpunished. That’s why is going to start a legal battle against his ex-partneras Jorge Borrajo explained in ‘TardeAR’.

“He’s not going to overlook what he said in ‘Friday!’. She is upset, indignant and hurt by how this beautiful relationship ended. She believes she must defend herself and that is why she has put the interview and other things she is finding out about in the hands of her lawyers. She is going to file a lawsuit against him. She believes that there is nothing true and the fact that he described their relationship as open is an attack on her honour because she will not tolerate people thinking that having a boyfriend allows her to have sex with other people. It is not like that because it could affect her image,” the director of ‘Semana’ began by saying.

But not only that, the model also wants to put in the hands of her lawyers everything that Lecturas has revealed about the files that worry María José so much and that are in Valerín’s hands. “She is also going to sue him for the right to honor and to find out that these graphic documents exist that cannot be ignored, not only that they exist but that there are people who have been able to see them“, said the journalist in the Mediaset program.

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