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Dani La Chepi was surprised by an international artist during a show: “I couldn’t believe it”

Dani La Chepi was surprised by an international artist during a show: “I couldn’t believe it”
Dani La Chepi was surprised by an international artist during a show: “I couldn’t believe it”

Dani La Chepi welcomed Cristian Castro to her show

During his national tour with Live it as you want, Dani The Chepi She never ceases to surprise her audience and fill theatres with her musical comedy show in which she recounts the experiences that motherhood brought her. Every night is a real party. However, during the last performance, The surprise was for herWhile he was performing his show, he was informed that an international star was in the room.

Who are we talking about? Cristian castro. The famous Mexican singer bought his ticket to see the show, which led the comedian to ask for applause for the artist and invite him to come up on stage. “It’s a pleasure and an honor to have you here.” said La Chepi as she welcomed the singer of “Azul” to the applause of the audience.

Within a few hours, the video of the two of them singing “Lloviendo estrellas” went viral. He in a suit and tie; she in shorts and boots.A round of applause for the gentleman“, La Chepi asked at the end of the song.

Later, the actress and comedian spoke with Teleshow and gave details of how this unforgettable meeting with the Mexican singer came about. “We have a person in common Her name is Florencia Ares, she is my friend and she was one of the producers who worked with me and him here in Argentina. In 2019, she noticed that all my shows ended with a song by Cristian Castro and she said to me: ‘Do you know that I know him?’ And one day, out of surprise, he sent me a video that he himself recorded. I’m a huge fan and he recommended my show“, he told this media.

Dani La Chepi welcomed Cristian Castro to her show

According to La Chepi, it was this mutual friend who told her that Castro was in Argentina and wanted to see her show. “Flor came to see me at the one-man show I’m doing now, and she told me that Cristian wanted to go see different plays. Immediately, she recommended mine to him. The truth is that I announced (on my social networks) that someone was coming, but I didn’t give their name.” Because I thought that, as it was in Canning, I wouldn’t make it because of the distance.”.

To her surprise, when La Chepi was in the middle of her monologue, she saw a man dressed in a suit enter. “Suddenly, I was on stage and I saw a very well-dressed person enter. I immediately thought: ‘I can’t believe that guy came.’ I didn’t look at him the whole show so he wouldn’t feel like I was his fan, basically.“, he confided to Teleshow.

The highlight of the night came when the audience asked Cristian Castro to sing. “I didn’t want to make him feel uncomfortable and people started asking him to sing. He just stood up, went up on stage and a dialogue was established. He grabbed the microphone and started singing. Raining stars. I could not believe it. I tried to concentrate and say: ‘It’s just one more, I’m not singing with Cristian Castro’”.

“He gave me a beautiful feedback on the show,” Dani La Chepi told Teleshow

How did it go on afterwards? “Once the show was over, I took him backstage where we were chatting with my daughter too, gave me a beautiful feedback of the show, “About my voice, he told me that he laughed a lot with my characters, especially with one that I play as a Spaniard,” La Chepi recalled.

The evening ended with an intimate chat as if they were friends. “We started chatting as if we had known each other all our lives. It was fantastic! My daughter told him: ‘My mom thought you weren’t coming’and he died with that,” he said.

This unexpected encounter was not only a dream come true for Dani La Chepi, but also an unforgettable moment for everyone present. The chemistry and enthusiasm shared on stage once again demonstrated the comedian’s ability to surprise and delight every person who saw this unique encounter.

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